With this messenger you only get messages once a day

With Pony Messenger, messages are only sent and received once a day. With this, the brand new service wants to free users from stress. Is that possible? We took a closer look at the anti-stress messenger.

How many times a day do you squint at your messenger messages? And how often do you interrupt what you’re doing to respond quickly to a message? The answer is probably: far too often!

Surveys show that Peoples sometimes look at their smartphones more than 50 times a day. On the one hand, this means that we are permanently available. On the other hand, this also degenerates into stress.

At the same time, this also creates the compulsion to always be available and to have to react immediately to everything. This is exactly what the anti-stress messenger “Pony Messenger” now wants to put an end to.

Receive messages only once a day

With Pony Messenger, users can only receive messages once a day. You can choose one of three available times: 05.30 in the morning, twelve o’clock at noon and 18.30 o’clock in the evening.

This means that all messages arrive bundled with this messenger once a day. So instead of squinting at your phone every 30 minutes, you can read and reply to all the messages once a day – when it fits best into your daily routine.

This makes it much easier to combine messenger communication with biorhythms, says pony inventor Dmitry Minkovsky.

It is a simple fact that people are not immediate. We are periodic, rhythmic creatures. To do our best, we need time to process our experiences and feelings. But the omnipresent immediacy stands in our way every step of the way. It demands that we communicate as if everything were urgent. However, many things are not urgent and do not gain anything by being sent immediately.

But because it’s hard not to want to reply immediately when we see a message, deceleration is already anchored in the design of the Messenger app. Even if you want, you can’t get messages more than once a day.

Pony Messenger has no send function

Incidentally, the same applies to sending messages. You can always write a message to your contacts. But with Pony there is no transmission function.

Instead, all messages accumulate in your outbox and Messenger automatically sends them for you once a day. The sending and receiving times of your messages are the same.

However, the message may arrive at your contact at a different time – depending on the reception times the other person has specified. That sounds a bit complicated. But users only have to remember two things:

  1. Messages are sent and received only once a day.
  2. You shouldn’t expect an immediate response.

This is exactly how Pony wants to eliminate the stress factor of the constant, immediate accessibility of messengers. Does it work? We tried the deceleration messenger in a mini-test.

Installation: definitely stress-free

One thing you have to leave to the Pony Messenger: The installation is absolutely stress-free. You can download the app for iOS and Android and then sign in either with your Google Account, via Facebook or via a username.

We tried the variant with the username and did not have to connect any other accounts to the messenger.

Once you have chosen a password, Messenger will ask you for your preferred sending and receiving time. You can change this at any time in the settings. Then you have to enter your location so that the messenger can adjust to your local time.

Then you decide whether contacts are allowed to write to you directly or need permission. And you can actually get started. Theoretical.

Sending the first message takes two days

Because if you and your contacts do not want to be freely available for the messages of all Pony users, this is often the end of the communication for the time being.

You can only write a message when the corresponding contact has accepted your contact request. However, this can only be done once a day at the specified times.

Accordingly, in our test it took 24 hours for the contact request to be accepted, another 24 hours for the first message to be sent and finally another 24 hours for the first answer to arrive.

Slowness has a liberating effect

At first it feels annoying, ineffective and infinitely slow. On the other hand, at some point you get used to simply waiting a little longer until you get an answer. And that’s quite a liberating feeling.

In principle, you take a concentrated period of time once a day in which you answer your messages and then no longer have to worry about the topic.

The bottom line is that this is even more effective than being constantly interrupted by Messenger. After all, studies have long shown that multitasking is extremely unproductive. Of course, all this only works if your contacts also use Pony Messenger.

Conclusion: Refreshing concept, not for emergencies

At the same time, it must also be said that the Pony Messenger is clearly not intended for the quick clarification of urgent matters. In such cases, you still have to resort to a classic messenger or the phone.

But when it comes to exchanging ideas with other people, the decelerated communication in Pony Messenger is quite refreshing.

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