With these 6 tips, your Instagram takeover will be a success

An Instagram takeover brings your brand to life and opens it up to new audiences. We’ll show you how your Instagram acquisition can be a success.

It sounds strange at first. Why should you give up your Instagram account and allow other users to take control? Because with an Instagram takeover, you can really boost your brand and you can also save yourself a lot of work.

In an Instagram takeover, another person takes over your Instagram at short notice and posts content from your account. You’re giving strangers the reins of your brand. This has many advantages.

Instagram Takeover: Why, Why, Why?

On the one hand, with an Instagram takeover, you produce high-quality and interesting content for your followers without having to put a lot of time and work into the content yourself. And anyone who maintains their Instagram profiles knows that it’s not easy to create good posts on a regular basis.

On the other hand, a collaboration with other users always brings a breath of fresh air into your social media presence. After all, other people just do things differently and different on Instagram is fresh, new and exciting for your fans, which in turn ensures more engagement.

And last but not least, an Instagram takeover can help new people discover your brand.

But in order for an Instagram takeover to really be a success, there are a few things to consider in advance.

1. Choose your partners wisely

The success of a takeover depends on the person who takes over your account. Accordingly, you should choose your partners carefully.

The person should represent your brand well and also be appealing to your followers. Otherwise, you risk that your fans are not interested in the takeover or that you may damage your image with the wrong brand ambassadors.

Depending on the company or brand strategy, however, the “right” person can look completely different. When it comes to giving followers a look behind the scenes, a takeover of an employee can be very exciting.

In turn, when it comes to connecting closely with your community, a member of your community could also take over a takeover. At the parents’ magazine, for example, readers regularly take over the takeovers.

Other brands, on the other hand, bring professional influencers on board. Here the effort is particularly low and you can also benefit from the high number of followers of the influencers.

2. Instagram takeover should have a clear goal

Takeovers can serve different purposes. Some brands want to strengthen their bond with the community. Others want to show themselves from a different side. And still others want to increase their visibility.

The only important thing is that you are clear in advance about the goal you are pursuing with the takeover. Depending on the goal, the selection of partners and content is different.

3. Plan all the details in advance

Once you have a clear strategy, you should also plan the details. This includes:

  • How long should the takeover last?
  • Define the content you want to show (product test, tutorial, testimonials, accompanying an event, etc.).
  • What format should the takeover have (Instagram Stories, videos, posts, live, etc.)?
  • Should it be a single post or are there several staggered contributions, and if so, how many and at what intervals?
  • Which aspects should your partners definitely mention? Also think of hashtags for your campaign!
  • In which tone (informal, humorous, factual, etc.) should the whole thing be held?

Depending on the type of takeover, it can make sense to clarify these points internally in advance and to develop them together with the takeover partners.

4. Announce your Instagram takeover

If you really want to get the most out of viewership, it’s a good idea to announce your takeover in advance. Otherwise, your fans may not even notice it.

Therefore, stir the advertising drum for the takeover vigorously in advance and ask your partners to do the same. After all, you all benefit in the end if more people notice the takeover.

5. Be creative

There’s nothing worse than planning an Instagram takeover campaign that won’t end up with a rooster crowing. So try not to send an employee through your offices for the hundredth time. Instagram users have seen this far too often.

Instead, take the time to come up with a creative option for the takeover. For example, when it comes to introducing your business, employees might uncover “hidden” office spaces for your followers.

Or you could send influencers to unusual places to test your product. The fashion brand Everlane, for example, sent Ani Acopian to Canada for a takeover so that she could test her jackets there under “extreme” conditions.


Of course, it doesn’t always have to be this way. But no matter what you do, always think about what might sweep your followers away.

6. Evaluate your takeover

When the takeover is over, be sure to take the time to evaluate the campaign. How many people have you reached? Are you satisfied with the implementation? Have you achieved your goals? Where is there room for improvement?

The more closely you analyze your takeover, the more valuable insights you will have in the end. And that’s very important. This is the only way you will be able to be even more successful in the next Instagram takeover.

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