WinRAR review

WinRAR review

A dependable compression and archiving solution

WinRAR is a Windows file compression and archiving utility. It was developed by Eugene Roshal, a Russian software engineer, and published in 1995, but it did not become popular until the early 2000s. WinRAR can access and build RAR and ZIP files, as well as unpack a variety of archive file formats.

This file archiver can produce encrypted, self-extracting, and multipart archives. It is mainly intended for users who need archiving and compression functionality above what Windows provides by default.

WinRAR’s ability to divide records across several volumes has earned it a following among server administrators and people who must email massive files. Today, this app has over 500 million users, making it the most widely used compression tool on the planet.

WinRAR is available in over 50 languages and comes in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. This app is supported by a variety of other operating systems in addition to Windows 10.


WinRAR is part of a category of software known as trialware. These devices provide a free trial period for the consumer to test the app before deciding whether to maintain or delete it.

WinRAR offers a 40-day testing period during which consumers can test the app and see how it satisfies any of their needs. The tool’s price is determined by the number of users required, and it is available in single-user or multi-user licenses. The app has a one-time buying price of $29 for a single customer.

Multi-user licenses are usually purchased by businesses. In this case, the corporation must purchase consumer licenses depending on the number of machines in the enterprise on which WinRAR will be mounted. In this case, WinRAR’s price ranges from $21 per user (for 2-9 users) to $6 per user (for 500-999 users). To obtain a quote for WinRAR licenses for more than 1000 machines, please contact the firm.

The prices mentioned here are exclusive to sales tax. In addition to the licensing fee, the developer provides a subscription for WinRAR maintenance and assistance.

WinRAR licenses are valid for all platform versions and languages that are currently available. If a person has bought several licenses, they can also mix and match models to suit their needs.


WinRAR is a powerful archiving platform with a plethora of tools. It’s a smart buy for those looking for options that go beyond Windows’ native ZIP capabilities. WinRAR supports a wide range of file formats and has a robust feature set that allows users to build archives that are tailored to their specific requirements.

ZIP and RAR are supported, as well as 15 other file-formats including BZ2, JAR, ISO, 7Z, XZ, Z, CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, and UUE.

WinRAR has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to quickly navigate its various features. This app has a wizard that can help you with anything from generating a compressed file to searching for viruses inside any compressed file. The wizard tool is particularly useful for beginner and novice users.

When building archives in WinRAR, you can choose from a variety of configuration options, such as preserving NTFS protection settings and spanning various archive directories. These alternatives are introduced in a straightforward and well-organized way that does not confuse consumers.

WinRAR has an interesting feature that allows users to save a collection of archival settings as a “profile” and then add them to new archives as required. This functionality will save a significant amount of time.

Another thing to mention is that while WinRAR’s extraction speed is commendable, its compression speed isn’t.

WinRAR offers support in both English and German. Anyone who has misplaced their product key should send an email to the company and expect a response within 48 hours. On its website, the firm still keeps a range of valuable FAQs.

Final verdict

WinRAR is a simple-to-use compression and archiving app with a number of advanced features. Because of the software’s accessibility, it’s also a decent option for less advanced consumers.

WinRAR’s licensing terms are very appealing, with a permanent license and lifetime enhancements included. However, this programme may benefit from the ability to generate more kinds of archives as well as higher compression rates.

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