Why is the Deepl translator better when Google (Translate) has more money?

As a high-revenue tech company, Google should have the capital to perfect its translation tool Google Translate. But surprisingly, the Deepl translator from Cologne is better. How can that be?

“The most accurate translator in the world!” The Deepl translator boasts of this claim and in fact many Internet users agree with this statement.

The translation tool of the Cologne-based company is based on deep learning algorithms and often delivers surprisingly accurate and sensitive translations. Especially compared to the big competitor Google Translate, this is amazing.

Actually, Google would have a lot more money to create the best translation program in the world. Why is Deepl better?

Admittedly, when it comes to a simple translation to quickly understand a context, Google Translate does a good job. But at the latest, when it comes to more complex expressions or idioms, the weakness of the program becomes apparent.

Deepl translators of high quality

An example: If you enter the expression “beat over the strands” in Google Translate, you will receive “going over the limit” as an English translation. Native speakers may understand this in context, but it is neither a common phrase nor does it exactly capture the meaning of the German idiom.

On Deepl, on the other hand, you get several translation options. The first proposal is “over the top”, followed by the proposal “going overboard”.

Both translations are of higher quality because they not only translate the expression more accurately, but also offer real idioms commonly used in English. At the same time, it is also very commendable that the tool offers several suggestions.

Experts give Deepl an excellent testimony

Deepl’s own surveys show that his own program easily outperforms other translation programs. But also language experts from different countries give the program an excellent testimony again and again.

That may come as a surprise. With a market value of 1.85 trillion US dollars, Google’s parent company Alphabet is one of the richest tech companies in the world. Deepl GmbH is also a serious company, but compared to Google, the Cologne-based company does not have the same financial foundations.

How can the Deepl translator be better than Google Translate?

Google doesn’t want a better translation program

Both translation programs are based on self-learning algorithms. Only the technology in Google Translate does not seem to be so sophisticated, although Google of course has excellent developers in the team. So it’s not because of talent.

The cause is different. Google Translate is only mediocre because Google simply does not want to invest resources in the further development of the program.

This is mainly for strategic reasons. Unlike Deepl, which focuses exclusively on translations, Google Translate is just one of many Google tools on the market. For the average translation, the results are quite solid. So solid that enough people use the tool in their search and it’s enough.

But in order to make Google Translate much better than Deepl, Google would have to put a lot of resources into its development. And that doesn’t seem to be profitable for Google at the moment, presumably because the company doesn’t see enough market potential here or is currently focusing on other more lucrative sectors.

Deepl started with a better foundation

Deepl’s only line of business, on the other hand, is its in-house translation service tool. Accordingly, the company has invested more time, money and resources in its service.

For example, Deepl has fed his neural network with Linguee’s high-quality dictionary materials. That is, Deepl’s self-learning algorithms started learning with a qualitatively better foundation than Google Translate. And the progress that results from this is exponentially higher.

In other words, Deepl is getting smarter and better than Google Translate much faster.

In addition, Deepl was also able to win over some of the best experts in this field with his focus. After all, it is more exciting for professionals to work with a company that focuses on their personal area of expertise than with a company where no one really cares about their own knowledge.

It would be really interesting if Google decided one day to expand its translation program. Then it will be exciting to see who has the better tool in the end.

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