Why 90% of CVs get rejected?

You apply for many jobs but never receive a call for an interview from any of them. Have you ever thought about what may be wrong? If there is a job opening, they will almost certainly hire someone, but you will almost always lose out on the opportunity.

A professional HR executive examines the reasons why 90% of CVs are rejected and cites “Non-professional CV” as a primary cause. Here’s what you’re missing.

Here is what you probably are ignoring in your CV:

1. Most CVs discuss skills, but very few provide experiences, which is why you need a cover letter. Only one out of every ten CVs includes a cover letter.

2. Every third CV we see has mistakes. Please utilize the spell check feature in Microsoft Word. A large number of CVs are rejected because they are inadequately written. We uncover problems even at the highest levels.

3. When applying for a job, the CV and cover letter must be tailored to each job description. Most people click the apply button, believing that the employer would choose them based on their work.

4. Applying for a job without first reading the job description. This is the most typical explanation; people apply to every job they see, hoping that if there is an opening, they will be contacted for an interview.

5. CV gold plating is wonderful for getting an interview call, but you must also have the talents shown on the CV. Most of the time, we discover that people write on their CV that they know everything, but the truth is very different.

6. Take your time crafting your CV; do not outsource it. It is one of the most crucial aspects of your candidacy. You should be creating your own narrative. Nobody understands it better than you. When preparing your CV, conduct research.

What are your thoughts on these blunders? I’d love to hear your views.

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