Which is better: TranscribeMe or Rev?

Well, I don’t know anything about TranscribeMe. But I went to their website and spent a few minutes there – computerised speech recognition costs $.10 every audio minute. The customer’s base fee is $.79 per audio minute.

That’s a bit off-putting to me. They only worry about making money and are unconcerned about how it happens. I’m guessing their scribes have a quick turnaround time.

Revise — Several years ago, I received money from Rev. During a slow period, I took files from them for a week just to see what would happen. They appear to be a good place to start, and I’ve suggested them to others because the test is basically industry standard, and their platform is quite useful for novice scribes.

I have a lot of excellent things to say about Rev, except for their fees. I stopped transcribing for Rev because I could get more pay at other places.

Transcripts are time-consuming to create. It’s impossible for a computer to accomplish.

So, when I see prices like those paid by TranscribeMe, Rev, and some of these other companies to their scribes, I get the impression that money is valued far more highly than a human being.

It’s as though these organisations forget that the transcribers are also trying to make ends meet. Many agencies treat people like slaves, which makes me unhappy.

People are awful. Transcribing is a terrific ability to have, but it’s a terrible profession to do — primarily because people are jerks.

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