Whatsapp clarifies “We Want to Address Some Rumors”

“Updating does not affect the privacy of messages with friends or family” in a tweet clarifies the privacy policy section. WhatsApp provided the “NOT shared with Facebook” new information list. Maybe it’s a smart idea to repair the misunderstanding dust amongst its users.

WhatsApp has also made all of its users’ complaints official, asking them to abandon the site and switch to other chat platforms, such as Signal or Telegram.

The latest updated policy “has no influence on the privacy of message with friends or the family” was explicitly confirmed by WhatsApp.

“This update contains modifications to WhatsApp’s messaging.”

On Twitter posted the “NOT shared with Facebook” information list.

WhatsApp can’t see or respond to your private messages and Facebook can’t see your calls. WhatsApp doesn’t maintain logs of who all texts and who everybody calls. WhatsApp can neither see your popular position nor Facebook.

WhatsApp doesn’t post your Facebook contacts.

Groups of WhatsApp remain private.

You will customize the messages to vanish.

Your data can be downloaded.

“Group privacy” is the most significant issue for consumers. To answer the concern, WhatsApp wrote: “We do not share this data with Facebook for ads, as stated in the Security and Privacy section of the website. Again, these secret chats are encrypted from end-to-end to keep anyone from viewing their contents.”

Additional users can adjust message setting to “disappear in chats after you have sent them.” by “additional privacy” WhatsApp offered a complete configuration guide on its website.

Secondly, in accordance with cross-platform messages and improvements in policy to Voice over IP systems, the organization reports that it exchanges data with its Facebook mother company.

In order to use it anymore, the customer must approve the new regulation. If you fail to approve the account, the users’ accounts will be deleted. From 8 February 2021, the current strategy will be enforced.

Since the new policy was exposed by WhatsApp, a massive movement of users was found to other messaging platforms.

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