What is the best tool to automatically transcribe audio files, such as voice memos and music?

FREE METHOD 2022 – Discovered by Me on 6/7/22 (working)

**Disclaimer: When attempting to transcribe audio to text, the clarity of your audio may be a problem**

I tried the Dragon Speech Trial, Google Docs, a few transcription websites, and all of the Google transcription addons available in their shop. For long transcriptions, this was the only thing that worked. All other iterations of this were halted owing to a terrible internet connection, which caused the video to cease automatically translating. I used this strategy to convert a 30-minute interview the other day. It uses Youtube and Google to translate the video.

After you’ve created a YouTube account and opened a new window in Google Chrome, follow these steps….

1.) Make a video and upload it on YouTube.

2.) Make a video.

3.) In the top right corner, click on your icon.

4.) Select “Creator Studio” from the drop-down menu.

5.) On the video you want the transcription for, click the “Edit” button.

6.) Select “Advanced Settings” beneath the video and set “video language” to “English.”

7.) Depending on how long your video is, wait 10 minutes to 24 hours.

8.) Select the “Subtitles/CC” tab at the top of the page.

9.) To the right of the video, a green button that says “Published: English (automatic)” will appear.

10.) Go to your actual Youtube video page after this button appears.

11.) Select “Inspect” from the context menu when you right-click on any portion of the page.

12.) On the top right of the page, select “Network” from the menu.

13.) Hover your mouse over your video’s “CC” button and toggle it on and off.

14.) Under network, you’ll see a link that says “timedtext?”

15.) Right-click this and select “open in new tab” from the context menu.

16.) Here is the complete transcript.

17.) Right-click this page and select “Save As” from the menu.

18.) Save the page to your desktop under any name you want, but make sure to include the “.html” extension.

Jack.html, for example.

19.) Double-click the link/item you just saved on your desktop to access it in your browser.

In a new window, your whole transcription will appear.

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