What color does mixing green and blue make?

According to the US Standards of Color, you would get blue-green. If you mix more green than blue it would be green-blue-green. If more blue, blue-blue-green. This is assuming you are going by the US Color Standards. In that mode, there are no colors called cyan or magenta. Those are reserved for inks and photographics. The only color names recognized in the US Color Standards, are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet (not purple). Those are the primary and secondary color names. When you combine a primary and an analogous (next to on the color wheel) secondary, you will get a tertiary color, i.e., red and orange will make red-orange, which is a tertiary color, mix blue and green, you get blue-green. These are mixes made with paints, watercolor paints, oil paints, acrylic paints, or tempera paints (also known as poster paints).

This is based on the Munsell Color Theory. It is the most common theory used in public schools. Munsell was a professor at the Massachusetts School (now, College) of Art. MassArt is where I got my Masters’s degree in Art Education, therefore I am partial to the Munsell Theory. There are many other theories, going back hundreds of years. To me, Munsell’s theory seems the most practical. Most paints for artists use Munsell color names. Some will derive their names from what they are made of (Sienna, cadmium, etc.).

At any rate, the color names that are invented drive me nuts! What the heck is puce, teal, taupe, and even cyan, turquoise, Fuschia, or magenta? To make turquoise, you would have to mix blue, green, yellow, a lot of white, maybe a tad of violet and I still don’t think you would get it. Don’t ask me how to make Fuschia and magenta, or even what the difference is. Besides, you can print it from your printer, it has those colors. I hope this hasn’t confused you but has helped some. Color theory is unnecessarily complicated. And that’s what it is, theory. Everyone sees color differently. I strive to help people have some kind of standard.

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