Total soluble protein contents:

The total soluble proteins were determined by following Bradford’s (1976) techniques. 0.5g of plant leaf was ground in 10ml of the buffer while the pestle and mortar were placed on an ice plate. The extract was subjected to centrifugation at 10,000rpm for 10 minutes, while the temperature was maintained at 4C. The supernatant after centrifugation was stored in a cool place. Properly cleaned test tubes were used for the reaction. Each test tube was poured with 2ml of Bradford reagent (The Bradford reagent contained 50ml of 95% ethanol, coomassie brilliant blue E-250, distilled water, and 15ml of phosphoric acid having 85% purity). 100ul of the extract was added and left for 15-20 minutes at room temperature. A spectrophotometer was used for taking absorbance at 595nm.

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