GoTranscript Audio Test Answer | May 09, 2021

Speaker 1: This is the audio test you need to pass to become a transcriber at GoTranscript. Speaker 2: I used to go on long road trips in my coop, I would drive along the Pacific Coast Highway, staring out to sea and watching the seagulls soaring in the wind. Of course, not all of … Read more

GoTranscript Audio Test Answer | May 04, 2021

Speaker 1: This is the audio we use for our transcriber test at GoTranscript. Speaker 2: Dogs, don’t you just love them? Sometimes, except when they’re barking non-stop, like the ones in our new neighbor’s backyard. Don’t get me wrong. I like dogs. However, we currently have three cats living in our orbit, and they … Read more

GoTranscript MCQS Test Questions with Answers

Gotranscript mcqs and audio test answer (4)

GoTranscript MCQs To apply for the transcriber position at GoTranscript, you must complete the GoTranscript quiz 100% correctly using their guidelines. NOTE: Each question can have one or more correct answers. Q1) How should abbreviations and acronyms look? ANS. (a) It should contain or dashes or periods (U.S.A., PhD) (b) It should not contain or … Read more

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