PPSC Solved Biology Paper 2017:

1. Asmara is the Capita1 of Eritrea.

2. Great barrier, the reef is present in Australia.

3. Allan Octavian Hume was a member of civil services who established the Congress Party.

4. Robin Williams was a comedian who committed suicide.

5. “Successive” synonym “Consecutive”.

6. “Latent” antonym “Obvious”.

9. SAARC members countries 8

10. UN assembly with the power of all states General Assembly.

11. 20 lions eat 500 kg of meat in one week. How many days for 200 kg meat for 14 lions: 4 days

12. Pakistan national tree: DEODAR CEDER.

13. Pakistan notional fish: Mahseer.

14. Pakistan is in which biogeographic region: Oriental.

15. A brief history of time book author Stephen Hawking.

16. Who forced Nazirn-Ud-Din to step down PM Ghulam Muhammad.

17. Operating system in computer control

18. Stone wart: Chara.

19. There is no place like? Home

20. Red line under word show: Spelling mistake

21. Which vitamin is produced in the skin when exposed to the sun: Vitamin D

22. Blood bank and Graveyard of red blood cells: Spleen

23. Correct spelling: Affidavit

24. Area of Balochistan without Black BEAR: Kohistan

25. Complete the Series 2,7,14,23,….. 47? 34

26. Preen gland is present in Birds

27. Coaxalal glands: spider

28. Median eye: Reptilian

29. Pollination by Birds called: Ornithophily

30. Absence of zoospores and perfect stage fungi: Deuteromycetes

31. Cell cycle enzyme: CdC2 Kinase

33. Regulating enzyme of glycolysis and Krebs cycle: Phosphofructokinase

33. Cyclin effect which enzyme in the cell cycle: Protein Kinase

34. Cancer cells differ from normal cells cancer cells are less specialized than normal cells

35. Radiation produce which disease: Leukemia

36. Squid eye differs from the mammalian eye? cephalopod eye

37. Flowering plant flourishing period: Cretaceous period

38. Fruit of Fabaceae: Legume

39. Fish is close relative to tetrapods

40. TMAO (Trimethylamine N-oxide) is produced by which animal Sharks

41. Which plant is a MOSS: POLYTRICHUM

42. Gymnosperm xylem does not contain: Vessels

43. Perianth: similar Calyx and corolla

44. Accurate pairing during protein synthesis: CODON ANTI CODON

45. Recombinant-DNA (rDNA) was invented largely through the work of Herbert W. Boyer, Stanley N. Cohen, and Paul Berg

46. Mutation term coined by Hugo de Vries

47. SILWAILKI was first used by?

48. Fecundity high In which vertebrate? Ocean sunfish

49. At the end of the cell cycle cyclin level decrease because of? MPF enzyme

50. Seedless vascular plants: Pteridophytes

51. Biome which shortest growing season: Taiga

52. Water currents in Sponge produced by which cells Choanocytes

53. Age of Fishes: Devonian

54. The Study of Instinct/Author Nikolaas Tinbergen

55. Locomotion In Flot worms and Gastro Mullscullans Pedal

56. Hair, nails, and hoofs are derivatives of Keratin

57. Which components did not pass through the cell membrane? Glucose

58. Antigen A and B are not protein in nature. What are they?

59. Species separated by a geographical barrier. Allopatric

60. Protecting and nourishing cells or nervous stem: Glial cells

61. Protection and wise use of resources: Sustainable Management

62. Cell divide but remain attached together to give rise multicellularity: Colonial hypothesis

63. Milk releasing hormone? Oxytocin

64. Red book provides information about Endangered species

65. Underground compact short and with conical disc stem: Corum

66. Water vascular system of starfish do not Function: storage of Gametes

67. Shell in funnel som in which mollusks: Cephalopods

68. Physical contact relation in animals: Tactile communication

69. Sulphur containing amino acids Methionine-Cysteine

70. Sex-linked traits in man controlled by the X chromosome

71. Bacterial cell wall has: Murein + glucosamine + amino acids

72. Not a function of Liver Regulating blood sugar level

73. SER function: Detoxification + Lipid synthesis

74. Not a submerged hydrophytes: Wolffia

75. Not a form of lichen Typhella

76. Silk producing animals Bombax + spiders

77. The root cause of all environmental problems Overpopulation

78. Main cause of Aquatic body’s species lost? Eutrophication

79. Highly evolved anthropoids?

80. Chloragogen tissue in earthworm function in the production and storage of glycogen

81. Homeostasis term coined by Walter Bradford Cannon

82. Pigments in blood cells of Molluscs: Haemocyanin

83. One genic system never employed on Neurospora

84. Anterior depression on chick embryo: Hensen’s node

85. Somatic hyphae send slender branches in host: haustoria

86. Statocysts in mollusks function: Georeceptors

87. Greenhouse effect is basically due to C02, CH4, N02, CFC’s only

88. Intake of foreign DNA from surrounding in bacterial: Transformation

89. Wood is the main raw material used for making: Paper

90. Toxin produce their effect on cellular level mainly by?

91. Alpha and Beta form of glucose in ring form are because of?

92 .C4 CYCLE STUDIED BY Hatch and Slack

93. A way for showing the relation of floral parts to the floral axis and to themselves: Floral diagram

94. Darwinian theory population genetics: Modem synthesis

95. Agar-agar is obtained by: Gelidium

96. Secondary wall is present: Inside primary wall

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