Massey Ferguson Tractor Prices in Pakistan 2023 by Millat Company

Massey Ferguson Tractor Prices in Pakistan 2023 by Millat Company:

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Tractors are being produced by Millat Tractors Ltd. using Massey Ferguson technology. In October of this year, Massey Ferguson Tractor Prices 2023 were updated. In Pakistan’s tractor market, Millat tractors are the dominant brand. The prices of Millat tractors are shown here, along with information about their technology, characteristics, and top-selling models. In comparison to all other tractor manufacturers in Pakistan, Millat Tractor’s market share is above 60%. Prices of Massey Ferguson tractors in Pakistan in 2023.
Tractor Model HP New Price in PKR
  • MF 240 2WD 50 in PKR1,524,000
  • MF 350 Plus 50 in PKR1,770,000
  • MF 260 2WD 60 in PKR1,756,000
  • MF 360-2WD 60 in PKR1,856,000
  • MF 360-4WD 60 in PKR2,583,000
  • MF 375-2WD 75 in PKR2,306,000
  • MF375-4WD 75 in PKR2,989,000
  • MF 385-2WD 85 in PKR2,387,000
  • MF 385 (4WD) 85 in PKR3,083,000

Announcing new rates began on July 18, 2022. Review of Millat / Massey Ferguson Tractors: MF models are regarded as good in Pakistan and have a significant rare component. Because of this, farmers typically utilize their tractors primarily for hauling purposes. There are more Massey Ferguson tractors than New Holland Al ghazi tractors in sugarcane regions. Al Ghazi tractors are weak in a lot of uncommon places, and there are many uncommon axle tube-breaking reports. However, MF models are not suitable for use as farming implements since their engines cannot operate at high temperatures. The agricultural community claims that MF models’ engines are poor. The engine’s durability is reduced since it heats up when we operate these tractors with PTO power or with field tools. Many engine difficulties are now being reported for more current MF models. You should order or buy Al Ghazi’s New Holland model if you intend to utilize your tractor for farming. The MF260 and MF385 are now the two MF tractor models that sell the most. For them, MF385 is the popular choice. There will be more MF385 tractors in areas where there are more sugar mills. Observe Also: Al Ghazi tractor prices most recent New Holland FIAT Dealership and After Sales Service Network for All Models in Pakistan: All four provinces of Pakistan are home to a sizable dealership network for Millat tractors. Tractors come with a guarantee that lasts for a year or 1200 hours of use. The warranty period accepts claims for replacement components. Their authorised workshops are located in every location and provide after-sales servicing. Booking, sales, and purchases are handled through dealerships.

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