LinkedIn is working on a virtual event platform

LinkedIn is best known as a network for professional contacts. Now, the platform has announced two new features: an audio feature and a live video service. On a virtual event platform, the network wants to promote the interactivity of its users.

On the career platform LinkedIn, users can present their professional careers, search for a job or network with professional contacts. With the help of countless functions, employers can, for example, obtain information about their potential employees.

Now, according to information from the US technology magazine Techcrunch, the beta version of a new audio feature will be released in January. It should work similarly to Twitter Spaces or the former hype app Clubhouse.

LinkedIn wants to release both the new audio feature and the planned live video service on a virtual event platform. The new system should allow users to hold online events on the platform.

However, for the time being, these are purely audio events. The organizers of such an event should be able to communicate directly with the participants.

The audio events will work similarly to the discussion rounds at Clubhouse and will be rolled out as a beta version in January. In addition, there will also be a video feature in the spring, according to LinkedIn product manager Jake Poses in an official blog post.

The company has both professional and private meetings in mind. “Events have long been a way for professionals to build community, learn new things and get inspired,” poses said. The new functions are intended to enable “virtual discussions, fireside chats and more”.

Virtual events for new business relationships

“In our new experience, you can participate in the live discussion by raising your hand and joining the speakers on stage to enrich the discussion,” Poses continues.

Those who actively participate in the discussions at an event can make new contacts, strengthen their career path and inspire colleagues. According to Poses, the live events are the perfect opportunity to drive his company forward.

Even before the launch of the live events, LinkedIn had an event function, but it was not nearly as pronounced. Even in view of the ongoing corona pandemic, the company hopes to be able to inspire even more users for the virtual events with the new functions.

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