How to quickly rename many files

It’s easy to rename a file name because just a handful of times you need to do this. If you’re dealing with more than five files — which is my threshold — particularly if you want to adopt a particular style, this is quite repetitive. You may use the Bulk Rename Utility to rename images, graphics, screenshots, text documents, etc. in cases that you need to. This tool has advanced features, which allow you to use timestamps and more, to add/replace text that fits the lower/upper case.

The app is free, provided it is only available for personal use.

What is needed?

The files to be renamed

Download Bulk Rename Utility and install it from

In Bulk Rename Utility, How to Use Any of the Functions:

Replace the file name characters

  1. Launch BRU:

This interface consists of a side panel that lists the filename of the file you pick from which you can browse to the folder that holds the files to be renamed. Below the two panels, you will use a host of functions to rename the files. Let’s see if any of these can be used.

2. Choose the folders to rename. Select Fixed from the file list in the “Name(2)” line.

3. Type the name for the chosen files in the empty text box below. In the column “New Name” you will see how the name of the new file feels.

4. After this ‘new name’ we’ll add a number. Making the Start has”1″ in the segment “Number(10),” where”1″ is increased and “suffice” is placed in mode.

5. To verify the updates are in your settings, check the “New Name” column above again and press the Preview button. To finish the operation, press Rename.

Remove a text from the name of a file:

  1. Say, you just want to rename and replace text by numbers from a file name. Enter a number in the fields “First” and “Last” in the “Remove(5)” segment. Here, in the latter, we reached nine. The last 9 characters in the name of the file will be deleted.
  2. In the same way, by using the Add(7) portion, you can add text.
  3. Take the same steps for previewing and renaming files.
  4. You may replace BRU characters in the name of a file with the line “Replace (3).”
  5. Please search the Add Date (8) box to insert the date.
  6. Choose the format (day-month-year, month-day-year, etc) or use a custom series, where you want the date (mode: suffix, prefix).


If you would still like to keep the original filenames intact you would immediately be able to copy or transfer the renamed files to a new position by using “Copy / Move to Place (13).”

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