How to Market Your Tickets As the Ultimate Gift?

The moment is now to sell tickets and draw in new clients before the year is done. Promoting your tickets as holiday event gifts is one method to boost sales.

As you design your Christmas marketing, keep your target audience in mind. Consider methods to pitch your event as a gift experience for families, for instance, if it is geared toward children. Or, if you’ve designed a romantic outing for two, think about advertising it to those looking for couple-friendly event gifts.

Here are some strategies for promoting your event tickets as presents, making them the ideal holiday gift.

Promote your event, so people give your tickets as gifts

You can increase your cash flow by encouraging individuals to purchase early bird tickets as presents for friends and family. Having advanced sales also allows you to more accurately budget and project your overall event costs. This implies that you’ll be able to find methods for raising your revenue and decreasing your spending. Those who purchase your tickets as gifts can also give their friends and family the gift of experience.

Give attendees something to anticipate after the holidays to keep them interested and encourage them to come to your future events.

People want to give and receive experiences as gifts this holiday season, according to a recent survey* that Eventbrite commissioned through Harris Poll. The results showed:

  • This holiday season, 63% of American adults (ages 18 to 65+) say they would prefer to receive an experience gift over a material one, while 50% of American adults say they will be giving experience presents this year.
  • Giving experience gifts, in the opinion of 59% of American people, is more convenient than buying material gifts.
  • In 2019, more than one-third (36%) of American adults want to go to more events and live experiences.
    90% of millennial women and 83% of millennial men (ages 18-34) believe that experience gifts are a great way for the giver and the recipient to enjoy something together.
  • People choose experiences above material gifts in today’s digital age. Three out of four millennials prefer to spend their money, thus this mostly pertains to them.

There are several strategies you can use to market your tickets as the ultimate gift:

  1. Focus on the experience: When marketing your tickets, highlight the unique and memorable experience that your event will provide. This could be the chance to see a favorite artist perform live, attend a sporting event, or visit a special exhibition.
  2. Create a sense of exclusivity: Make your tickets feel like a special, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by highlighting any exclusives or VIP perks that are included.
  3. Use social media and email marketing: Leverage social media platforms and email marketing to reach potential customers and share information about your event. Use eye-catching graphics and compelling language to grab attention and entice people to purchase tickets.
  4. Offer gift certificates or customizable packages: Make it easy for people to give your tickets as a gift by offering gift certificates or customizable packages. This could include options like a special gift box or pre-paid parking.
  5. Partner with local businesses: Partner with local businesses to cross-promote your event and offer special deals or packages. For example, you could work with a restaurant to offer a special dinner and show package.

By focusing on the experience, creating a sense of exclusivity, and using targeted marketing tactics, you can effectively market your tickets as the ultimate gift.

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