How to Listen to WhatsApp Voice Messages Before Sending

With the new feature, you can protect yourself from sending embarrassing voice messages.

WhatsApp has recently integrated a new feature into its app that makes you wonder why it didn’t exist earlier: the ability to send a voice message to listen to the sample before sending.

Anyone who uses voice messages from time to time will be extremely grateful for the feature. Never again notice in retrospect that the speech was not recorded at all comprehensibly or that embarrassing noises can be heard in the background.

WhatsApp announced the new feature last Tuesday.

How to listen to voice messages before sending them to

1. Open a thread

2. Press and hold the microphone icon and swipe up

3. Now it is recorded without having to hold down the button

4. When you have finished speaking, press the stop button

5. Listen to the message again via “Play

6. Either send by clicking on the green button, or delete by clicking on the trash can  and record again


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