How to create an autopilot website?

What is an autopilot website?


Websites have become such an integral part of our life that we no longer buy at stores on weekends. We’re either engrossed in the current TV show or preoccupied with our work schedules. Of course, our lives have become really difficult, and everyone needs money to pay their bills, buy items for their children, and pay off their mortgage debt.

But, in reality, we’ll have to work for the rest of our lives to get that money. Many people work hard to achieve their goals, while others give up quickly. Because the system is frequently difficult, and no one is taught how to create money or how money works in general. Money must be made in a lawful and intelligent manner. Technology is a fantastic advancement, and the entire state of California is experiencing it. It is a spot where the sunset occurs at the farthest point on the planet, yet where more technological and innovative ideas emerge than in any other metropolis. Using technology to assist others could be a sensible approach to make money. Everyone is lazy and no one wants to work hard, yet HE or SHE requires money immediately. There is a snag here, as I’d like to point out. Others are left out because “the early bird catches the worm.” Because, unlike the 1990s and 1980s, when an idea from one person took a long time to reach another, there are plenty of ideas right now as I write this book, and the only reason it hasn’t been completed is because of my lazy mind.

This book is about one of the smartest ways to make money; nevertheless, I offer no guarantees that you will succeed. But I’m suggesting, “Why don’t you give it a shot?” This book is about building an autopilot website, which means that once the scripts are installed, all you have to do is maintain it by looking for bugs, responding to emails, and reacting to comments. “How simple and easy is it?” “Isn’t it?” Find some of the best ideas that can pique people’s curiosity and jot them down on a piece of paper. Then you must work hard to make it happen utilizing the abilities you’ve acquired over time.

Before you begin reading this book, go over the contents and make sure you understand the issues. If required, use Google to look up new phrases; I’ve written in plain terms that anyone can comprehend. After reading this book, you can create your own website that will provide you with a higher return on investment than you anticipated. Let’s get this book started and finish it. At the end of this book, I’ll see you!



Is this a question you still have? Don’t be concerned! This would be a website built as a pastime or for a business purpose that gives value to its customers and isn’t just full of spam. These websites can work independently and continue to provide material for the site. The website will not contain any fraudulent or spam content in order to avoid being penalized by Google’s algorithms.

Google’s spiders or crawlers can search for new websites and the content they contain. They’re custom-made scripts that keep track of website modifications, such as the “Weather System” or “Radar Systems.” Any content that appears to be offensive, spammy, or unlawful will be deleted from Google’s search results. What could be worse than being deleted from Google’s SERPs?


A simple game or news website receives more daily visitors, and viewers are interested in playing flash games and reading the news. You can set up an autopilot website with sports, finance, and other movie-related news. This will generate the traffic you desire, and you will be able to add to it.

  1. Affiliate products
  2. Use Google AdSense


  1. Advertise for other companies directly

When you learn about ads and Google AdSense, monetization becomes simple.

Videos, photos, and games portals can all be used to make autopilot websites.

Whatever you start will become a portal, and you’ll already know what a portal is, right?

Assume you have an Autopilot website and can begin earning right away. Imagine you have five autopilot sites. You can easily earn $500 as a part-time income, which you may utilize to support your family or re-invest in your internet business. Autopilot websites allow you to establish new websites and make more money online.

There is no other business that can provide you with the same level of returns as Autopilot; all you have to do is maintain and market it. You must learn SEO tactics in order for your website to appear on Google’s first page.

Initially, you must establish a domain name that includes the keyword; this will increase client trust and make the name easier to recall. For example, if you want to develop a coupon autopilot site, you might name it “” or “” Always use domain and include the keyword. If you’re looking for a gaming website, try “” or “”

It’s sometimes a good idea to pick a domain name that’s simple to say over the phone and that’s easy to remember. “” or “” are unlikely to be remembered. You can either purchase a new domain or use a High PR domain that has been deleted or expired.


Create an autopilot website that is one-of-a-kind, simple, and gives value to your visitors. Rather than being compelled to read your work, people should enjoy it. Simple ideas are highly successful, and I have a few that will run on autopilot.

  1. Gaming sites
  2. Icon creating sites
  3. Video upload sites
  4. Coupons/discount sites
  5. News websites
  6. Niche sites

These are the most prevalent ideas, but there are likely to be many more that are subsets of the ones listed above. Something that doesn’t require Photoshop or Illustrator can help you attract more visitors to your website. Let’s have a look at how to pick the best niche for your autopilot site.


How to choose the Right Niche for your autopilot website?


Many people ask me, “What is a Niche?” and “How do I pick one?” Choosing the correct specialty for a new business can be difficult. (A niche is nothing more than the topic you employ, “like weight loss,” “how to be healthy?”,” “how to stop smoking?”) Choosing the proper niche can be done in the following ways.

  1. Choose a topic in which you are knowledgeable.
  2. Particularly in languages such as German and Spanish
  3. Similar areas of interest

Identify the problem that people are facing; it could be a financial issue, a health issue, a desire to gain new skills, or a legal issue. When you’ve decided on a main topic for your website, you’ve found your autopilot website. It can be about a broad subject or a specific one. Your goal is to increase the number of visitors to your website.

Health is the major element, and better living is another basic topic in the health and micro-niche, “How to stop smoking and start living?”

You’ve changed your target audience to include only smokers or those who wish to quit! The audience can be either small or very large, depending on the Google search engine. A micro niche is becoming more popular these days, and it can now receive more views than before. Choose the micro-niches that take no or less effort and make a list of them. But how do you identify them? The previous technique was to utilize a keyword planner, but that strategy may no longer be useful.

What is the best way to find the correct niche? One technique to determine the correct niche is to conduct a search on Amazon or Click bank and identify the top-selling products. These could be the topics for your autopilot website.

Don’t go the same route as everyone else when looking for a speciality. Find a unique way that sticks out; you can also utilize to see how popular it will be in the future or in the coming years. Look for renowned e-commerce sites because they can provide you with the categories that will sell quickly. Check all the categories to the lowest level and locate the products that sold the most on Amazon or Click bank. Someone who has a proven track record of selling can sell more, and it may be your niche.

The popular niche is still a problem for people, which you must learn to discern via practice. What works now may not work in the future, so go with your gut and create an autopilot website that solves people’s concerns. Make an autopilot website out of one good concept, put it down on paper, and start implementing it.




Contents for the website, How to create them?



There are numerous varieties of autopilot websites, including content-based (text-based), audio-based, video-based, and image-based websites. The possibilities and concepts are limitless. When it comes to a website, you must include text-based content because there is no such thing as a website without content.

You’ll be unsure how to write content for your website once more?

Whether you choose the premium option or not, there are numerous web places where you can find simple stuff. Using RSS feeds for your website is the simplest approach, yet few people are aware that it is automatically updated. You may get feeds from a variety of websites online, and all you need is a catchy theme, a niche-specific RSS feed, an email subscriber service or a social network sharing tool.

You could also write material for your site in your spare time and sell it to your users for $27 or something similar on your page. Like other webpreneurs (website entrepreneurs!!!), I went the traditional route. You can easily begin by producing three articles every day for your blog or website, and this will quickly become a habit. Begin to learn new things and you may one day become a master.

When you create a website, your goal should be to help people rather than to make money. You must strike a balance between your business and service mindsets; you should not always give things away for free, nor should you always charge greater prices for your goods.

Another option is to hire freelance writers to generate content for your website, then post three articles per day based on your niche and rank them on Google. There are various strategies to market your blog entries, but I recommend learning the fundamentals of Google and Bing search engine optimization.


Why do we use WordPress?




After you’ve devised a strategy for your autopilot website, you’ll need to understand the fundamentals of WordPress. The money for the project, the number of employees you’ll hire for it, and the upgrades you’ll make to it all need to be included in your plan. (This includes the domain name as well as hosting)


As I previously stated, the domain name must contain a keyword related to your niche. If your niche is “technology,” consumers will be looking for tech, computers, and the latest devices, among other things. Having one of these words in your domain name is the simplest approach to improve your site’s ranking and make it easier for visitors to remember it. It’s important to choose a web hosting package that fits your budget; figure out how long you’ll be using this site. Or are you planning to sell this website in a year? Or keep it for yourself indefinitely?

Keep in mind that the website should be straightforward and appealing. Complicated things don’t work in this environment. WordPress is the ultimate tool that any web designer or entrepreneur would love to have installed on their server. WordPress is a content management system that simplifies the process of web design. You’re set to go with a one-click install on your WordPress with premium themes.

Choose premium themes over standard themes since they are more fascinating. A premium WordPress theme will set you back between $50 and $60, and it is well worth the money. Choose a theme that fits your niche; some themes are for magazines, while others are for video blogs and games. Examine the many themes and choose the one that is most appropriate for you.

Install the various plugins within to avoid spam and have a social media sharing button (Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus). If you’re seeking games, I recommend installing “Myarcadeplugin pro,” and for news, you can try “Wp-automatic” or code canyon plugins. You have the option of building a WordPress autopilot site or sticking with PHP scripts. The options are limitless, and innovation is more important than ever.


What about SEO?






People nowadays are concerned about the User Interface (UI), or how the website appears to the general public. Is this a one-of-a-kind website? Even when there are numerous clones of the original website, adding eye-catching buttons can still impress your visitors. All of the tools are ready to use; all you have to do now is arrange them in your hosting. Let us now turn our attention to search engine optimization.


When it comes to SEO, the process is never-ending. The process of identifying keywords, generating the content, and ranking them is ongoing. Working from a long-term perspective is one option. Installing the Yoast SEO plugin or the All in One SEO pack will suffice. Adding the term to the title, Meta tag, and description causes no confusion or difficulty.

Obtaining backlinks is essential because it works outside of your page and assists you in obtaining additional prospects. Genuine backlinks can be easily produced by hand or with software. However, never spam the comments with your normal dull lines containing a URL link. Make it a habit to create 5 backlinks per day to add additional worth to your post.

The more backlinks you establish in a hurry, the more likely Google will blacklist your site. Google bots are constantly scouring the internet infrastructure and the web for spam, pornographic, and offensive content. Once, either when it’s on your website or when it’s been created by spam backlinks. Your website can be banned, and you’ll need to contact an SEO specialist to unlock it.

I would say that SEO is a constant process, and the basic steps are as follows:

  1. Creating keywords for your


  1. Checking with Moz tool or long tail pro for easily ranking
  2. Create content with the keywords
  3. Include an image or video in every post
  4. Do off-page optimization like blog submission, and directory and Provide freebies to your website viewers.


Other monetization methods?



Why not try something fresh and intriguing instead of relying just on Google AdSense? Amazon is the most popular shopping site; on average, one out of every five people shops on Amazon. As a result, the answer would be “affiliate marketing.”

Join Amazon Associates and start promoting your Amazon affiliate referrals. Banners, text advertisements, and widgets can be seen on your WordPress page. Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting a website’s products. They grant you permission to include the products on your website and pay you a commission on each sale.

Choose your advertising carefully; if you have an eBooks site, you can use ads to sell Amazon books on your site.

If you have a game site, you can add new games to it. It depends on your topic, and there is a WordPress plugin called “EasyAzon” that can save you time and effort by allowing you to skip over thousands of categories. In exchange, you may receive commissions in the form of a cash deposit to your account or Amazon gift card vouchers that may be used to purchase other products.

Using Amazon as an affiliate for your website is a benefit, and you can earn extra money each month. You could also attempt the “Jvzoo” affiliate programme. Make sure to use affiliate pages sparingly, with no more than three adverts per page. I recommend the following affiliate marketing companies:

  1. Amazon associates
  2. Jvzoo
  3. Clickbank

Big things start small, and a single click from one of your viewers can assist you in paying for your hosting service or Internet bill. Niche site developers adore affiliate marketing, as they say, “small drops become tremendous oceans.”




How to find the statistics of your Site?




“Google Analytics,” which may be used with your Google Account, is the answer to this question. This is an easy way to keep track of how many people visit your website. Any decrease in traffic should be investigated by your SEO specialist, and appropriate steps should be made.

“Black hat SEO” and “Negative SEO” are terms that can harm the quality of your site. This may prevent your website from improving its position, and Google may even ban your exposure. Worse, it’s possible that you’ll be deleted from Google’s search results.

Keep track of your visitor hits on a daily or weekly basis. You must figure out why the levels are dropping. You can check with Google Webmasters if you’ve acquired any spam links and use the disavow command to remove them.

The amount of data that Google Analytics provides is incredible. You’ll obtain all of the information you need about your users. What country does he or she come from? What is the age range of the participants? What is the operating system that is being used? As a result, it provides detailed information on the users you wish to target. You can log in to Google Analytics or use the Plugin to install it and monitor the status from the WordPress dashboard.

It is essential to monitor your website statistics at least twice a week if you have an autopilot website. Ensure that the adverts are put correctly and in the appropriate locations. It must not be too inconvenient for the user. The advertisements must be visually appealing, and the end-user must be able to click on them. Check for web browser compatibility, one effective approach to do so is to test the script on your own devices, and then move on to the script’s production phase.

Examine Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome, as they are the most popular browsers among your consumers and practically everyone. Because most consumers don’t want to install additional software like Java or Unity because they believe it contains spyware or viruses, you can run your site with just a simple script. Determine how long it takes for your page to load in a web browser; the longer it takes, the more likely the user will become annoyed and exit the window.




Marketing tools, what are the options?




Why not spend a little more money to automate the marketing process, because you wanted your website to run on autopilot? Setting up email marketing, which is a fully automated procedure, is one effective option. On a regular basis, you send an email to your subscribers. Even if you receive a fresh notification, such as that you are establishing a new website or providing a new service, you may email them with a single click of a button. Consider the case when you have 50k subscribers and sending them an email is a monumental undertaking.


Installing Aweber, Mailchimp, or GetResponse for your website is essentially adding a widget and freeing you from the arduous process of collecting their emails and names.


Another significant benefit today is social media marketing, as most individuals are always connected to their social media feeds. Marketing on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus is critical for every company. You may make the pages on your Website Name and use a social media sharing plugin to share the posts.


Another option is to post images and videos related to your product or page. You can also inform your Facebook friends that you have created a page and that your website is up and running. As a result, the fundamental steps are as follows:

Create – add content – promote


Your promotion phase will be the most important, and you will need to perform it on a regular basis. If you are familiar with SEO, you can begin building backlinks from high-PR websites. This can help you gain greater trust from your visitors and develop long-term relationships, or you can hire someone to do the task for you on freelancing sites.

Above all, include more high-quality information (Viral content, which people would love to watch and enjoy every day)


Plugins and Php Scripts


For a fee, you can get WordPress plugins and PHP programmes. They do not pay me any affiliate fees or commissions. Plugins are simple to install in WordPress, and each package you download comes with detailed instructions on how to do so.


You may need to add the files to the files manager in the Cpanel area occasionally. Once you’ve purchased hosting from a provider like Bluehost or GoDaddy, you’ll receive your log in.


One clicks WordPress

The majority of purchased plugins must be installed on WordPress. Your web hosting firm will set up WordPress for you with a single click. It can be completed in as little as five to ten minutes. You’ll get a “Hello World” page after installing WordPress.

Premium themes

You can purchase additional premium themes, and I recommend that you install one for your domain. Premium themes can be secured from Themeforest or at Purchasing a theme can cost you $50 to $100.



I recommend Myaracadeplugin Pro, as a game plugin since it can run your website on autopilot by fetching and distributing simple flash games from top game distributors.

Check to see whether you have a Gaming Domain (domain name suitable for Games like, or



News Autopilot

There are news autopilot programmes that use RSS feeds to install on any website. These can pull up any data relevant to your niche and come with pre-configured options that you can tweak to suit your needs. RSS autopilot



Coupon sites

Running coupon sites is not simple. There is a Coupon press theme that has a sophisticated look to it. However, to run a profitable coupon site, you will need to spend an additional $50 per month on feeds.



Yoast SEO plugin

The Yoast SEO plugin aids in indexing your page in Google Search results, and I recommend using the long tail pro keyword tool to add a term. You can also install the All in One SEO plugin, which is also available for free. It is also possible to upgrade to the professional version.


Social media share buttons

These are the most important plugins for your viewers to share your post. The most popular is the social share bar, which I recommend using.


Disqus Comment System

You may also add the Facebook commenting system to this basic alternate comment system to prevent spam comments. However, Disqus allows anyone with a Google, Twitter, or Facebook account to leave a remark on your site.

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