How To Change default CSS of Google Chrome

Change default CSS of Google Chrome

Do you want to Know How to Change default CSS of Google Chrome?  if your answer is yes, then you’re in right place. In this short post, I will show you a very easy trick. By using this trick you know how to Change default CSS of Google Chrome.

The Problem/ Question:

I would like to be able to change the default CSS used by chrome, such as removing the underlines for links, etc. However, I cannot find the default CSS file used by Chrome. Does anyone know where it is?

Best Answer

Since the support of user stylesheets was recently removed from Google Chrome, the only option for this moment is to use extensions (like Stylus *1), but these will behave differently (see below).

The most relevant request for re-introducing true user stylesheets in Google Chrome is Issue 347016: Support user stylesheets.

Per the specification, the “true user stylesheet” rule has lower origin specificity in cascade than the author rule, but !important user stylesheet rules have higher origin specificity than !important author rule, regardless of its selector specificity.

Extensions mimicking user style-sheets in Chrome simply injects (hopefully) the last style element into a page, what have some consequences:

  • such style is at “author level” in the cascade, so you must make sure your !important the rule has higher specificity than the one you want to override
  • “your” injected style is exposed to page scripts, so they can easily delete it at will.

*1 Original extension, Stylish, is currently (2017) in a state of erratic development by a new maintainer, so I’d advise to avoid it and use an alternative like aforementioned Stylus.

By using these steps you can easily find out How to Change the default CSS of Google Chrome?  if you are facing any issues to solve this problem simply ask me in the comment section I solve your problem in the comment section.

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