How should you transcribe hours? Gotranscript

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(How should you transcribe hours?)

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Q: How should you transcribe hours?

a) 2:00 PM, 11:45 AM, six o’clock, eleven o’clock

b) 1:00 pm, 10 am, 1 o’clock, 11 o’clock.

c) 1 Pm, 10 Pm, 1 o’clock, ten o’clock

As You see there is Three different options given. Let move to gotranscript’s guidelines:

How should you transcribe hours

So, according to gotranscript’s guidelines

Times of the day and dates: always capitalize AM and PM. Do this: 2:45 PM, 5:00 AM. When using o’clock, spell out the numbers: eleven o’clock.

So, option A is Correct Option.


a) 2:00 PM, 11:45 AM, six o’clock, eleven o’clock


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