GoTranscript MCQ ANSWERS: 14-FEB-2023

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Overview of GoTranscript:

What Is GoTranscript? The writing business GoTranscript was established in 2005, and Peter Trebek serves as the CEO. Their present home base is in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom.

The primary services offered are recording, translation, subtitles, and captions. There are users from all over the world and 144 million minutes (274 years) of audio recordings.

GoTranscript employs individual authors (like you) in addition to the AI (Artificial Intelligence) platform for its writing services. Human involvement is still necessary because machines are infallible, which is why they employ humans like you to assist them.

Requirements for GoTranscript:

The adoption of GoTranscript is very simple for registered businesses. There are still certain conditions to satisfy, though.

  • You must be of legal age, first.
  • You don’t need any prior experience, but you must pass their examinations. Additionally, you get a few days to retake the test if you don’t pass it.
  • You must be proficient in English.
  • Because their response time ranges from 10 minutes to 6 hours, it makes little difference if you type quickly or slowly. If it takes you six hours to record ten minutes of audio, you will only be compensated for those ten minutes. You get paid per minute for each sound.
  • You may work for them as long as you have a computer, phone, and internet connection. Having a quick computer and a reliable internet connection will be helpful, of course.
  • To achieve the best recording function, if you are an experienced writer, you may additionally have computer gear such as high-quality earphones and a foot pedal.

Pay using GoTranscript:

The GoTranscript website states that it may pay its transcribers up to $0.60 for each audio or video minute. Additionally, they stated that top earners might make up to $1,215 each month, which is about $150 on average. It depends on your typing ability and the information you acquire from working with them regarding GT standards as opposed to whether you can make $100 to $200 in a month after starting. Even for novices, it’s not that difficult to make $50 to $80.

MCQ Answer for 13-FEB-2023 on GoTranscript

STEP 1: CLICK HERE to submit an application for the position of transcriptionist.

Step 2: is to select “Apply Online.”

STEP 3: Choose English as your language.

STEP 4:  See the answers below in the video and tick on the correct option.

STEP 5: Press the CONFIRM button now.

🎉🎉HURRAY!! You have completed the GoTranscript MCQ Test successfully 🎉🎉

Here is the audio test solution.


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