GoTranscript Audio Test Answer | May 30, 2021

Speaker 1:
This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript.

Speaker 2:
Hey of the buddy, I’m what the call in these parts are bad. Not a veteran like in the military but a veterinarian. You know, critter doc. Last time I checked I’ve delivered at least 1000 head of cattle. Some of them were male, so I guess you could say I’ve made a few bucks in my lifetime, Get it? Anyway, this morning, one of my client’s farmers Charlie just called and he thinks his Herford Buttercup might have the bloat. He describes the symptoms thusly, she’s choking got bad indigestion and lots of gas. She looks awful. We’re at two. When he snaps his fingers on the left flank. It sounds like John Bonham Drummond away. She moves awful slow to and poor critters having a tough time to read than just grunts and moans anytime she needs to walk from the bar and out to the trough. Not only that, but she’s drooling like nobody’s business. He asked me if I got any ideas. So I’m just gonna jot down a few things down here. Hoping a few of them might help.

I shall feel sorry for the poor critter. Let me just consult my big book over here. Hang on a second.

Okay okay, I think I got some ideas. Here’s what I’m going to tell him to track.

Walk around a lot for about half an hour, ever so often. Tap on your belly SOS to release the gas. Get one of your hands to clean out our bowels with some warm soapy water and try giving her some two-ounce doses of our room aromatic spirits over ammonia or dissolve a half-ounce of chloride of lime in a pine white pine and warm water and give it to her on in a spoon nice and gentle like do that ever half hour till she’s feeling better. Another thing we might want to try is tossing some cold water against her sides of former brain node down in Buenos Aires told me he’d put some wet cold blankets on his foot and changed him out every couple of hours. That seemed to turn the trick.

Now if you got any baking soda, you could put two tablespoons full in some water and give that to her. A couple of heaping tablespoons full of finally pulverize charcoal and water might also do some good. If all else fails, try pulling the tongue out of one side of a mouth and throw a small handful of the salt way back towards the back toward before letting go. Buttercup likes to work her tongue around that salt and get some saliva moving around in her mouth. That should alleviate the gas. If I follow that doesn’t work. I’ll come over tomorrow and push in her trocar and her cannula.

Afterward will give her a pound of Glauber salts to keep her from being constipated. Now, it’s always possible she might have pleurisy too, so better keep an eye on her. If she’s uneasy and shivers, turn ahead turns her head towards her belly has no appetite dry nose doesn’t choose to occur. Legs placed well under her body pulse weak press in the flanks producing prey of pain, then we may have to worry about something more serious. Give us some laxative food and some drinks like linseed tea. If the disease assumes a chronic form, be sure to give her some nutritious foods such as grass, selected clover hay, and linseed cake. Also, give her one gram of iodide of potassium in a pot of water three times a day.

Speaker 1:
This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript.

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