“Expect the worst”: Ukrainian government websites hacked

Hackers have paralyzed several websites of the Ukrainian government. Among other things, the websites of some ministries are affected. Who is behind the cyberattack, is currently still unclear. However, the attackers left a threat on the website of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.

On the night of Friday, January 14, 2022, hackers paralyzed the websites of several Ukrainian ministries and authorities. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian embassy in Berlin confirmed the incident via Facebook:

Please note that as a result of a hacker attack on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a number of other state organs of Ukraine, the official website of the Ukrainian Embassy temporarily does not work. Specialists are working on restoring the IT system.


Ukraine: Threat on the website of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In addition to the Ukrainian embassy, the websites of the Ministry of Education and Research in Kiev, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the rescue service and the government homepage are also affected.

According to the Ministry of Energy, a special unit has already started the investigation. Meanwhile, a threatening letter appeared on the website of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry. In Ukrainian, Russian and Polish, it said: “Be afraid and expect the worst.”

The hackers also announced that they had destroyed numerous data on the part of the Ukrainian government and threatened to publish sensitive information.

EU strongly condemns cyber attack

Who is behind the cyber attack on the Ukrainian government is currently still unclear. However, EU High Representative Joseph Borrell condemned the attack in the strongest possible terms.

The European Union will mobilize all means to support the Ukrainian government, Borrell said at friday’s meeting of foreign ministers in Brest, France. In addition, an emergency meeting of the EU Security Committee had been convened.

Whether the Russian government is behind the attack, according to Borrell is still unclear. Although there is no evidence yet, a Russian origin is conceivable.

Who is behind the cyber attack on the Ukrainian government?

There has been a tense atmosphere between Russia and Ukraine for weeks. Due to an extensive Russian troop build-up on the Ukrainian border, the EU fears a Russian invasion.

Whether and to what extent there is a connection with the cyber attack, however, is so far pure speculation. However, the attack appears to be “only” a DDoS attack.

This means that the hackers were able to superficially paralyze and take over the affected websites. However, this does not automatically have to be associated with a deeper penetration into the system.

This is also in line with a statement by the Ukrainian government, according to which no data was lost or destroyed.

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