CSC Scholarships 2023 | China Scholarship Council | Chinese government Scholarships CSC Scholarships | China Scholarship Council | Chinese government Scholarships csc scholarship

CSC Scholarships 2023 | China Scholarship Council | Chinese government Scholarships CSC Scholarships | China Scholarship Council | Chinese government Scholarships csc scholarship

Government of China Scholarships Chinese government scholarships for study in China: (CGS) Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) grants CSC Scholarships to foreign students enrolled in CSC-affiliated Chinese universities. Every year, the CSC Scholarships online application system or admissions process begins in December and lasts until April (generally). However, the deadline to apply for China Scholarships varies for each university. The CSC Scholarships online application is crucial for applicants. Every year, 274 Chinese institutions give scholarships to students from other countries. The download section contains a list of the universities eligible for Chinese government funding. Chinese language study in China is also funded via scholarships. Numerous institutions in China offer MBBS programs and grants for Chinese language study. Chinese research on MOFCOM Scholarships is also provided by the China Scholarship Council via the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China in an effort to foster international relations and cooperation as well as the growth of talent in emerging nations. CSC Outcome: According to China Scholarship Council (CSC China) rules, the results of the Chinese government scholarships will be revealed by the end of July. Successful students begin attending college at the beginning of September. You may find the CSC Result here. Results CSC. You may find instructions on how to prepare a study plan for a Chinese scholarship in the downloads section.

Students receive this financial aid from organizations like,

government of China awards scholarships through universities and the Chinese embassy in other nations with whom China has diplomatic ties.

The institution will accept directly submitted materials from students. In terms of embassy applications, the Higher Education Institute often gets them from various nations. “Bilateral Program” also refers to a scholarship obtained through an embassy. Government grants from China The CGS application process is fairly straightforward, and students may simply prepare their applications without seeking advice from or paying money to any agents or consultants. If someone makes that assertion, they are lying and breaking the law. What is the Chinese government’s agency number for scholarships? Don’t worry; it’s also accessible in China Scholarships’ download area.

How Do I Apply for a Scholarship from the Chinese Government? how to apply for a scholarship in China? how to obtain a scholarship in China To apply for a scholarship through the China government’s scholarship program, all new students need to do is complete this procedure. Almost all master’s and doctoral students, including those in engineering, medicine, management, law, etc., are eligible to apply for scholarships. You may contact us by using the social media sites Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Google Plus. General Application Procedure: Adhere to it One by One

Step 1: Locate a reputable institution that has your department and is connected to CGS. Here is a list of universities under CSC organized by subject.

Step 2: Speak with a professor at the college and ask to be admitted as a student. Here is an example email. Your chances of receiving a scholarship will rise if the professor accepts you, and doing so is not difficult. Suitable Video Visit this link to identify the professor (supervising faculty member): When he accepts you, send him a supervisor request letter in the appropriate format.

Step 3: Complete the CSC online application form by logging in with your Chinese Government Scholarship account. The following URL is a recommended one for the CSC Online Registration Form for students: Video: shows you how to fill out the application form. There are three types of scholarships.

Scholarship CSC Type A Scholarship Category B at CSC Scholarship C under the CSC

Scholarship CSC Type A (Select it if you apply through the Chinese Embassy) Remember that you can apply to two universities through the China Embassy in accordance with the New Chinese Scholarship Council Policy. Scholarship Category B at CSC (Select it if you apply via University) Remember that you can only apply to 1 University under Category Type B under the New Chinese Scholarship Council Policy.

Scholarship C under the CSC (Select it if you apply through other sources) You should choose CSC Scholarship Category Type B in the CSC Scholarship Online Application System while filling out the application if you are applying directly to a Chinese University.

Step 4: Complete the “Physical Examination Record for Foreigner” form, also known as the Foreigner Physical Examination Form, and include the necessary reports with it. Step 5: Take a printout and complete the following list. Documents Note: Have the Notary Republic attest to all of your academic credentials. You must find the address of the university’s international students office after applying for a Chinese government scholarship online and fulfilling other requirements. You must then send the necessary documents to the university after attaching them to the printed form using a reputable courier service, such as DHL (using their student package), etc. Additionally, you can state on one page that you are applying for CSC Scholarships through the China Scholarship Council. Under the China Scholarships Council, the Silk Road Scholarship, commonly known as the Road and Belt Scholarship or the Forbidden City Scholarship (FCS), is also available for Beijing universities. The amount of the scholarship is equal to the Chinese Government Scholarship. This scholarship is intended for nations that are a member of the Silk Road Economic Belt or the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Scholarships will pay for the financial help of graduate students. There are 279 Chinese institutions in China that provide financial aid to foreign students. When you are chosen, you must get a visa for China. You may download the Chinese visa application form from the downloads page. China’s tourist visa is fairly easy to get for industrialized nations.

You could uncover a Chinese visa agency that helps strengthen your case. Because there are many different visa categories, you must study the China visa criteria before filling out an online application. The criteria for various types of visas vary, for example, the Z and X visa requirements for China. In your nation’s Chinese embassy, you can apply for a visa.

Chinese government scholarship students from all around the world are accepted in 279 China universities.

  • 1 Anhui Agricultural University
  • 2 Anhui Medical University
  • 3 Anhui Normal University
  • 4 Anhui University
  • 5 Anshan Normal University
  • 6 Anshan Normal University Liaoning China
  • 7 Beihua University
  • 8 Beijing Film Academy
  • 9 Beijing Foreign Studies University
  • 10 Beijing Forestry University
  • 11 Beijing Institute of Technology
  • 12 Beijing International Studies University
  • 13 Beijing Jiaotong University
  • 14 Beijing Language and Culture University
  • 15 Beijing Normal University
  • 16 Beijing Sport University
  • 17 Beijing Technology and Business University
  • 18 Beijing University of Chemical Technology
  • 19 Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
  • 20 Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
  • 21 Beijing University of Technology
  • 22 Bohai University
  • 23 Capital Institute of Physical Education
  • 24 Capital Medical University
  • 25 Capital Normal University
  • 26 Capital University of Economics & Business
  • 27 Central Academy of Fine Arts
  • 28 Central China Normal University
  • 29 Central Conservatory of Music
  • 30 Central South University
  • 31 Central University of Finance and Ecnomics
  • 32 Chang’an University
  • 33 Changchun University
  • 34 Changchun University of Chinese Medicine
  • 35 Changchun University of Science and Technology
  • 36 Changsha University of Science and Technology
  • 37 Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • 38 China Academy of Art
  • 39 China Agriculture University
  • 40 China Conservatory
  • 41 China Foreign Affairs University
  • 42 China Medical University
  • 43 China Pharmaceutical University
  • 44 China Three Gorges University
  • 45 China Univeristy of Political Science and Law
  • 46 China University of Geosciences (Beijing)
  • 47 China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)
  • 48 China University of Mining and Technology
  • 49 China University of Petroleum
  • 50 China University of Petroleum (Huadong)
  • 51 China Youth University of Political Studies
  • 52 Chongqing Jiaotong University
  • 53 Chongqing Medical University
  • 54 Chongqing Medical University
  • 55 Chongqing University
  • 56 Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications
  • 57 Communication University of China
  • 58 Dalian Jiaotong University
  • 59 Dalian Maritime University
  • 60 Dalian Medical University
  • 61 Dalian Polytechnic University
  • 62 Dalian University of Foreign Languages
  • 63 Dalian University of Technology
  • 64 Dalian University of Technology
  • 65 Donghua University
  • 66 East China Normal University
  • 67 East China University of Political Science and Law
  • 68 East China University of Science & Technology
  • 69 Fudan University
  • 70 Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University
  • 71 Fujian Medical University
  • 72 Fujian Normal University
  • 73 Fujian University of Technology
  • 74 Fuzhou University
  • 75 Gannan Normal University
  • 76 Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
  • 77 Guangxi Medical University
  • 78 Guangxi Normal University
  • 79 Guangxi Teachers Education University
  • 80 Guangxi University
  • 81 Guangxi University For Nationalities
  • 82 Guangzhou Medical University
  • 83 Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine
  • 84 Guilin University of Electronic Technology
  • 85 Guizhou Minzu University
  • 86 Guizhou Normal University
  • 87 Guizhou University
  • 88 Hainan Normal University
  • 89 Hainan University
  • 90 Hangzhou Normal University
  • 91 Hangzhou Normal University
  • 92 Harbin Institute of Technology
  • 93 Harbin Medical University
  • 94 Harbin Normal University
  • 95 Harbin University of Science and Technology
  • 96 Hebei Medical University
  • 97 Hebei Normal University
  • 98 Hebei University
  • 99 Hebei University of Economics and Business
  • 100 Hebei University of Technology
  • 101 Hefei University
  • 102 Hefei University of Technology
  • 103 Heihe University
  • 104 Heilongjiang University
  • 105 Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine
  • 106 Henan University
  • 107 Henan University of TCM
  • 108 Henan University of Technology
  • 109 Hohai University
  • 110 Huangshan University
  • 111 Huazhong Agricultural University
  • 112 Huazhong University of Science and Technology
  • 113 Hubei University
  • 114 Hubei University of Chinese Medicine
  • 115 Hunan Normal University
  • 116 Hunan University
  • 117 Inner Mongolia Agricultural University
  • 118 Inner Mongolia Normal University
  • 119 Inner Mongolia University
  • 120 Inner Mongolia University for The Nationalities
  • 121 Inner Mongolia University of Technology
  • 122 Inner Mongolia University of Technology
  • 123 Jiangnan University
  • 124 Jiangsu University
  • 125 Jiangxi Agricultural University
  • 126 Jiangxi Normal University
  • 127 Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics
  • 128 Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • 129 Jilin Agricultural University
  • 130 Jilin Normal University
  • 131 Jilin University
  • 132 Jinan University
  • 133 Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute
  • 134 Kunming Medical University
  • 135 Kunming University of Science and Technology
  • 136 Lanzhou Jiaotong University
  • 137 Lanzhou University
  • 138 Lanzhou University of Technology
  • 139 Jiangsu University of Science and Technology
  • 140 Beihang University
  • 141 Chongqing Technology & Business University
  • 142 Harbin Engineering University
  • 143 Liaoning Medical University
  • 140 Liaoning Normal University
  • 141 Liaoning Shihua University
  • 142 Liaoning Technical University
  • 143 Liaoning University
  • 144 Liaoning University of Technology
  • 145 Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • 146 Ludong University
  • 147 Minzu University of China
  • 148 Mudanjiang Normal University
  • 149 Nanchang Hangkong University
  • 150 Nanchang University
  • 151 Nanjing Agricultural University
  • 152 Nanjing Agricultural University
  • 153 Nanjing Normal University
  • 154 Nanjing University
  • 155 Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • 156 Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine
  • 157 Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology
  • 158 Nanjing University of Science and Technology
  • 159 Nanjing University of the Arts
  • 160 Nankai University
  • 161 Ningbo University
  • 162 Ningbo University of Technology
  • 163 Ningxia Medical University
  • 164 Ningxia University
  • 165 North China Electric Power University
  • 166 Northeast Agricultural University
  • 167 Northeast Dianli University
  • 168 Northeast Forestry University
  • 169 Northeast Normal University
  • 170 Northeastern University
  • 171 Northwest A&F University
  • 172 Northwest Normal University
  • 173 Northwest Normal University
  • 174 Northwest University
  • 175 Ocean University of China
  • 176 Peking University
  • 177 Qingdao University
  • 178 Qingdao University of Science and Technology
  • 179 Qinghai Nationalities University
  • 180 Qinghai University
  • 181 Qiqihar University
  • 182 Renmin University of China
  • 183 Shaanxi Normal University
  • 184 Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine
  • 185 Shandong Normal University
  • 186 Shandong University
  • 187 Shandong University of Science and Technology
  • 188 Shandong University of Technology
  • 189 Shanghai Conservatory of Music
  • 190 Shanghai International Studies University
  • 191 Shanghai Jiaotong University
  • 192 Shanghai Maritime University
  • 193 Shanghai Normal University
  • 194 Shanghai Ocean University
  • 195 Shanghai University
  • 196 Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
  • 197 Shanghai University of International Business and Economics
  • 198 Shanghai University of Political Science and Law
  • 199 Shanghai University of Sport
  • 200 Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • 201 Shantou University
  • 202 Shanxi University
  • 203 Shenyang Aerospace University
  • 204 Shenyang Jianzhu University
  • 205 Shenyang Ligong University
  • 206 Shenyang Normal University
  • 207 Shenyang University of Technology
  • 208 Shihezi University
  • 209 Sichuan International Studies University
  • 210 Sichuan University
  • 211 Soochow University
  • 212 South China Agricultural University
  • 213 South China Normal University
  • 214 South China University of Technology
  • 215 Southeast University
  • 216 Southern Medical University
  • 217 Southwest Jiaotong University
  • 218 Southwest University
  • 219 Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
  • 220 Sun Yat-Sen University
  • 221 Taiyuan University of Technology
  • 222 The Central Academy of Drama
  • 223 The Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
  • 224 Tianjin Foreign Studies University
  • 225 Tianjin Medical University
  • 226 Tianjin Polytechnic University
  • 227 Tianjin University
  • 228 Tianjin University of Finance and Economics
  • 229 Tianjin University of Science and Technology
  • 230 Tianjin University of Technology
  • 231 Tianjin University of Technology and Education
  • 232 Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • 233 Tianjing Normal University
  • 234 Tongji University
  • 235 Tsinghua University
  • 236 University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • 237 University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
  • 238 University of International Business and Economics
  • 239 University of Jinan
  • 240 University of Science and Technology of China
  • 241 University of Science and Technology Beijing
  • 242 University of Science and Technology Liaoning
  • 243 University of Shanghai for Science and Technology
  • 244 Wenzhou Medical University
  • 245 Wenzhou University
  • 246 Wuhan Institute of Physical Education
  • 247 Wuhan Textile University
  • 248 Wuhan University
  • 249 Wuhan University of Technology
  • 250 Wuyi University
  • 251 Xiamen University
  • 252 Xiamen University of Technology
  • 253 Xian International Studies University
  • 254 Xi’an Jiaotong University
  • 255 Xi’an Shiyou University
  • 256 Xiangtan University
  • 257 Xidian University
  • 258 Xinjiang Medicine University
  • 259 Xinjiang Normal University
  • 260 Xinjiang Uygur Xinjiang University
  • 261 Yanbian University
  • 262 Yangtze University
  • 263 Yangzhou University
  • 264 Yanshan University
  • 265 Yantai University
  • 266 Yunnan Agricultural University
  • 267 Yunnan Normal University
  • 268 Yunnan University
  • 269 Yunnan University of Finance and Economics
  • 270 Yunnan University of Nationalities
  • 271 Zhejiang Gongshang University
  • 272 Zhejiang Normal University
  • 273 Zhejiang Ocean University
  • 274 Zhejiang Sci-Tech University
  • 275 Zhejiang University
  • 276 Zhejiang University of Science & Technology
  • 277 Zhejiang University of Technology
  • 278 Zhengzhou University
  • 279 Zhongnan University of Economics and Law
  • 280 Schwarzman Scholars
  • 281 IB Diploma Academic Fully-funded Scholarships
  • 282 Western International School of Shanghai

The CSC Scholarship: What is it?

The Chinese Scholarship Council, sometimes known as Chinese Government Scholarships, offers the CSC Scholarship (CGS). Under the Chinese Government Scholarships (CGS) program, the Chinese Scholarship Council is now awarding fully financed scholarships for students to pursue bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees in Chinese universities. Under the Chinese Government Scholarships (CGS) programs, the Chinese Scholarship Council offers a variety of scholarships:

Chinese Government’s Great Wall Scholarship Program European Union-China Scholarship Program Marine Scholarship of China – Chinese Government Scholarship – AUN Program WMO program for Chinese government scholars PIF Program for Chinese Government Scholarships Scholarships from the Chinese Government for Chinese Universities MOFCOM Scholarship – Chinese Government Scholarship Program

A scholarship applicant may simultaneously submit applications for the CSC Scholarship at several universities. You should only apply to three universities, in my opinion. The CSC scholarship online application form for the scholarship and the university application form for admission must be completed individually and sent to each university separately. According to information confirmed by the Chinese Scholarship Council, overseas students are free to apply for admission under scholarships at 273 universities that have earned the council’s recognition.

What are your odds of receiving a scholarship from the Chinese government?

If your study grades are above average and your research proposal or study plan is clear and original, You have a good chance of being chosen for the Chinese Government Scholarship, which is offered by CSC at any of the 273 Chinese universities that are accredited by the Chinese Scholarship Council, if your academic performance is above average and you have a well-organized and original research proposal or study plan. In several instances, students with excellent marks have been turned away from Chinese universities because they failed to submit a research project or study schedule. As a result, you should compose original content using your own words, even if you can also obtain inspiration from the given example in the download section. Additionally, we have witnessed common students winning fully paid Chinese Scholarships for no particular reason.

The typical student has also been successful in receiving fully financed Chinese Scholarships just by having the required documents and a well-thought-out study plan or research proposal that is well-written and well-researched.

Can applicants for CSC Scholarships apply at several universities?

Updated NEW CSC Policy: Each applicant is only permitted to submit a total of three applications during each enrollment year, with a maximum of two Type A and one Type B application each. No applicant shall submit more than one Type A application to the same agency. If a Type B application candidate has a number of favorite Chinese colleges, they must select one of them in order to apply for a scholarship. The university listed in the Type B application will be taken into consideration.

The university selected by the applicant in the Type B application will be considered the applicant’s final choice, and it cannot be changed once the application has been finalized. Just be careful to fill out separate online CSC Scholarship application forms per university. Your chances of receiving a scholarship are increased if you submit A types for Chinese Scholarships at many universities. Only three colleges have had their policy changed by China Scholarship Council officials, followed by two through CSC Scholarship category A and one through CSC Scholarship category B. In the event that you are chosen for the CSC Scholarship by more than one university. China Scholarship Council will next choose which university is suitable for you, and you will be admitted there.

Once China Scholarship Council has determined which university is the best fit for you, you will be admitted with a CSC Scholarship to that specific institution. International students can get CSC Scholarships from one of almost 273 Chinese universities. If the China Scholarship Council chooses your university for you, you won’t have the option to switch after being notified.

What happens if the student doesn’t have a letter of admission from a professor (supervisor) at any Chinese university?

Don’t panic; while an acceptance letter is not required for the scholarship, having one might help your chances. Each year, 50% of scholarship recipients from the Chinese Government do not have an acceptance letter. Once China Scholarship Council has determined which university is the best fit for you, you will be admitted with a CSC Scholarship to that specific institution. International students can get CSC Scholarships from one of almost 273 Chinese universities. If the China Scholarship Council chooses your university for you, you won’t have the option to switch after being notified.

Don’t panic; while an acceptance letter is not required for the scholarship, having one might help your chances. Each year, 50% of scholarship recipients from the Chinese Government do not have an acceptance letter. For a Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS), are Chinese language, IELTS, or TOFEL requirements necessary? NO! If English is your mother tongue or was the language of instruction during your most recent study abroad experience in your nation, 99% of universities in China do not require IELTS or TOEFL. A certificate of English language competency from your former university will do. There are many institutions that only give instruction in Chinese, but they do offer one-year CSC scholarships for Chinese language study. You don’t need to apply individually; the university will take care of everything; and I think this is a wonderful opportunity to learn the language. Your professor will typically agree to write the thesis in your favor if you have concerns about it.

Your professor will typically allow you to write your thesis in English, so you don’t need to worry about that if you have thesis writing concerns.

Exists a list of Chinese universities that do not charge an application fee?

Although some Chinese institutions do not charge an application fee at all and others do, if you are applying for a CSC scholarship through the Chinese Government Scholarship-Chinese University Program, you will not be charged. After the CSC notice, you can submit the application cost to selected colleges. You may apply for a Chinese Government Scholarship without paying the application cost thanks to an updated list of Chinese universities without an application fee that was released on our website.

What is the China Scholarship Agency Number?

The Agency Number is essentially a number assigned to each public institution in China expressly for the purpose of applying for scholarships. Simply said, each Chinese university agency number is a special number that is used to distinguish it from other universities and that is necessary for students who wish to apply for admission to this institution or other scholarships that are associated with it. The list of Chinese University Agency Numbers is provided below.

Can foreign students who are studying in China also work there?

If you are an international student at a Chinese University and would want to work part-time, you must submit a letter of no objection from your supervisor. the authorization to work in China while a part-time student by going to the foreign student office (FSO). According to a recent official notice from the Chinese Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, graduates with a master’s degree or higher from a Chinese university (or from an accredited foreign university) are eligible to apply for an employment license and work permit, which will allow them to work in China.

Can I work and study in China?

You may work while you are a student in China, yes. Prior to 2023, however, overseas students were not permitted to work part-time or do internships while studying there. However, the Chinese government realized that this ban prevents foreign students from enrolling in schools in China, thus they changed the law. While attending any Chinese university, foreign students can now obtain part-time employment in China teaching English or working in other part-time occupations. You must submit a NOC letter from your manager to the international student office (ISO) in order to legally work part-time employment in addition to your education. Currently, you need to hold an X-Visa or a student visa in order to work part-time. There are two different X-Visa kinds. International students who are traveling to China for advanced study with a six-month program are granted an X1 visa. For students doing courses in China that last less than six months, an X2 visa is provided. X-class visas are only available.

What is the age restriction for CSC Scholarships?

Bachelor’s Degree (25 years) Bachelor’s degree (35 years) the doctorate (40 years)

What do the CSC Scholarship Categories and Types A, B, and C entail?

There are mostly three categories for China Scholarships.

Scholarship CSC Type A (Select it if you apply via Embassy) Scholarship Category B at CSC (Select it if you apply to University) Scholarship C under the CSC (Select it if you apply via other sources)

What are the advantages of a scholarship from China?

CSC Scholarship for Undergraduates: CNY 2500 RMB Monthly Stipend, Free Tuition, and Free Housing

CSC Scholarship for Master’s Students: CNY 3000 RMB Monthly Stipend, Free Tuition, and Free Housing

CSC Scholarship for Doctoral Students: CNY 3500 RMB Monthly Stipend, Free Tuition, and Free Housing

What is The English Proficiency Certificate?

A certificate of English proficiency is proof that your most recent degree program was taught in English at the institution or university you most recently attended. How can I get a college or university English proficiency certificate? A CSC Scholarship applicant may go to the registrar’s office of the last college or university they attended to get an English Proficiency Certificate attesting that the last degree they pursued was conferred in the English language. What are China’s top Ph.D. programs in education? The finest Ph.D. programs in education in China are excellent, especially if you apply to top-ranked colleges since they also offer online doctoral programs in educational leadership in China. In addition,

In China, you can also pursue a degree in digital marketing or online marketing education. online doctorate programs in business are also offered.

Documents needed for the Chinese Government Scholarship list

  • letter of recommendation
  • Chinese Physical Examination of Foreigners
  • Study Plan No.
  • Cover letter for job
  • Certificate of Proficiency in English
  • Letter of Acceptance (optional)
  • List of seven Chinese universities’ agency numbers
  • Online applications for the CSC Scholarship or the CSC Scholarship form
  • online applications for universities
  • notarized certification
  • Topics for Research Papers
  • Research Proposals
  • CV format
  • Copy of Passport
  • Chinese student visas
  • Achievement/Experience Certificates
  • Certificate of Police Clearance
  • Certificate for Polio
  • Cover Letter
  • Email Examples
  • Medical Procedures
  • Examples of Resumes


Document Attestation Steps for the Visa Application Process

  • China Family Visa
  • Interest Letters
  • Certificate of English Proficiency
  • Attestation of HEC Online Degrees
  • Certificate of Characters
  • Example of Explanatory Research
  • Sample Internship Final Reports


For A China Visa, You Need These Documents

  • Grant for HEC Travel
  • IELTS (Optional) or a certificate of English proficiency
  • Interview Questions for Scholarships
  • Application for Leave
  • Samples of Personal Statements
  • Items to Buy for CSC Scholarship Recipients
  • The Meanings of CSC Scholarship and Universities Online Application Status
  • Scholarship Thank You Letter
  • Chinese Degrees Online
  • The Top Chinese Language Learning Programs
  • Certificate of Bank Account Maintenance and Request Letter (Download Sample)

Universities in China without Application Fees

  • Chongqing University
  • Shanghai’s Donghua University
  • University of Jiangsu
  • Capital Normal School
  • Dalian Technology University
  • Northwestern Polytechnic University
  • Ningbo University
  • Southeast College
  • University of Electronic Science and Technology
  • Sichuan University
  • Southwest Jiaotong University
  • Technology University of Wuhan
  • Shandong University
  • University of Aeronautics and Astronautics in Nanjing
  • University of Fujian
  • Southwest College
  • Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications
  • Wuhan University
  • Harbin University of Technology
  • University of Science and Technology of Harbin
  • Zhejiang Sci-Tech University
  • Yanshan University
  • Agricultural University of Nanjing
  • Agricultural University of Huazhong
  • Northwest A&F College
  • Shandong University
  • China’s Renmin University
  • N.E. Normal University
  • Northeastern A & F University
  • University of Shaanxi
  • SCUT
  • Zeijang College

Scholarships from local governments

  • Provincial Government of Zhejiang Scholarship
  • Scholarships from the Jasmine Jiangsu Government
  • Scholarships from the Henan Provincial Government
  • Government Scholarships for Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Students
  • Government Scholarships in Guangdong
  • Scholarships from the Nanjing Municipal Government
  • Government Scholarships in Guizhou
  • Scholarships from the Liaoning Government
  • Scholarships from the Provincial Government of Jilin
  • Government Scholarships in Tianjin
  • Government Scholarships in Jinan
  • Scholarships from the Fujian Provincial Government
  • Government Scholarships in Anhui
  • Scholarships from the Yunnan Provincial Government
  • Government of Yunnan Scholarship
  • Scholarships from the Shanghai Government
  • Government of Zhejiang Province Scholarships
  • Scholarships from the Yiwu Government
  • Scholarships from the Chongqing Municipal Government
  • Government of Ningbo Scholarships
  • Government Scholarships in Hangzhou
  • Scholarships from the Liaoning Government
  • Jiangsu Jasmine Awards
  • awards from the Chongqing Municipal Government
  • Government of Guangxi Scholarships
  • Government Scholarships in Heilongjiang
  • Government Scholarships in Inner Mongolia
  • Provincial Government of Jiangxi Scholarships
  • Shandong Government Fellowship
  • Provincial Scholarships in Hubei
  • Scholarship from the Sichuan Provincial Government
  • Scholarships from Jiangsu Jasmine at JNU
  • Government of Fujian Scholarship
  • International Scholarships from the LZU Confucius Institute
  • Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Guangdong
  • Graduate financing at Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • University of Nottingham Scholarships for Strategic Research
  • Jiangsu Provincial Administration

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