How to create a new gmail account

Would you like to know how to create a new Gmail account? This free mail service opens all the doors to the wide range of Google products, which you will be able to enjoy if you follow the instructions of the step-by-step tutorial that I offer you below.

Currently, this is one of the best platforms to create a free email. In addition, it is one of the most used services not only by individuals, but also by many brands, companies or professionals, from different commercial sectors, to manage communication with their customers and suppliers.

Therefore, I think it is of vital importance that from today you also know how to create a new Gmail account and many advanced tricks that this super platform can offer you. Started!

In my opinion, I believe that the rise of this free messaging service goes through its ease of use, its security and its advanced features. In addition, it is an essential part of the search engine’s services, that is, it complements perfectly with all its other products.

Why? Simple, because when we talk about creating a Gmail, as I mentioned before, we also do it to have access, among others, to services as powerful as:

  • Drive
  • Maps
  • YouTube
  • Calendar

Therefore, thanks to this guide, you will learn to open an email box for free, following step by step the indications and screenshots that I offer you in this complete tutorial. He as a complement, with explanatory video.

How to create a Gmail account step by step?

Now, and without further delay, let’s move on to the tutorial where I will explain in great detail how to open an email owned by the search engine:

1) Let’s go to Google apps

To begin with, you must open your favorite web browser (it does not need to be Chrome) and go to the main page of the search engine, that is, type in your address bar “»

2) We start creating your new account

In this step, you need to click on “Create an Account”.

Or you can also skip the previous point and directly type this address in your web browser:

3) Fill in the registration form

Fill in all the data in the Google registration form.

It will be very easy for you, since they are the typical ones almost always in this type of tools: your name, surname, username you want to use or address of the new Gmail email (which is the same), password, date of birth, telephone, current email address (to recover it, in case of loss of the key), location, etc.

After filling in this information, click on “Next” to continue.

As you can see, they give you the option of “I prefer to log in”, in case you already had an account, which is not the case. Apparently, it is intended for people who fall into this section by mistake, so in that case, you would obviously have to log in and sign in to Gmail.

4) Enter your phone number

The phone number is mandatory so that you can recover the Google account, sending a verification code to that number, in case of security problems with the password.

Then, after entering your phone number and you will be sent a text SMS with a security code.

The phone number and this code are verification tools, which will be asked to avoid fraud and / or possible Bots that intend to create Gmails automatically.


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