Octafx par trading kaise kare

START TRADING IN 4 EASY STEPS 1. Open an account with OctaFX OctaFX account ke satha op zarmubadla markets tek rasayi hasel karsakte hain aur tejarat sharooh karsakte henni aik bar register hone ke baade op ko apne personal iria log un tafseelata trading account kee asnad aur tamaam zarori hidayat ke saath aik aa … Read more

What is the collective noun for books?

ANS: What is the collective noun for books? As a generic, I would go for: Library of Books – this seems to be the favored term. However, you might also see: Pile of Books Shelf of Books Cornucopia would seem like a good choice, but that’s the collective noun for slugs.

Which country is the dialing code +97?

ANS: According to List of country calling codes – Wikipedia: +970 – Palestine +971 – United Arab Emirates +972 – Israel +973 – Bahrain +974 – Qatar +975 – Bhutan +976 – Mongolia +977 – Nepal +978 – unassigned – originally assigned to Dubai, now covered under 971 +979 – International Premium Rate Service– originally assigned to Abu Dhabi, now covered under 971

What is the symbol for feet and inches?

ANS: Feet and inches are US customary system units, so let’s look at the information that is as close to official as it can be, material from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, rather than depending on opinions of various people, who might or might not be well-informed on the topic. (The US Constitution … Read more

What is the English name of the vegetable “arbi”?

ANS: Arbi or arvi is a vegetable that grows underground. It has significantly large leaves that cause irritation of the skin while peeling. The vegetable is known by a number of names in different regional languages here in India. However, when it comes to English, it’s popularly known as “Taro root” vegetable or “Eddoe”. In … Read more

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