Provincial Management Service (2020) Past Paper

The Shandur Pass connects Chitral with Gilgit Karakoram Highway between Pakistan and China was completed in 1979 The tomb of Khawaja Farid is in Kot Mitthan Nanga Parbat is the highest peak of Himalayan River Kabul joins Indus River near Attock The chairman of the national economic council is Prime Minister Who was the first …

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Biology PPSC PAPER TODAY Solved (27-12-2020)

Which of the following viruses has caused thousands of deaths globally as an ‘emergent’ virus? SARS Which of the following toxic metal is extensively present in the newspaper? Pb Among the following, which one is a diploblastic organism? Hydra New alleles can be introduced into a population’s gene pool by? Both A and C The …

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PPSC Solved Biology Paper 2017:

1. Asmara is the Capita1 of Eritrea. 2. Great barrier, the reef is present in Australia. 3. Allan Octavian Hume was a member of civil services who established the Congress Party. 4. Robin Williams was a comedian who committed suicide. 5. “Successive” synonym “Consecutive”. 6. “Latent” antonym “Obvious”. 9. SAARC members countries 8 10. UN …

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