can you repair weapons in dying light 2?

Can you repair weapons in dying light 2?

In Dying Light 2, players can repair their weapons. The system, however, does not work as well as it did in the original game. Weapons can only be repaired as many times as the player’s mod slots allow. Each mod with the “Weapon Repair” modifier gives a weapon +50 durability. Players can potentially repair up to 300 points of durability depending on the number of slots an item has (on a Gold tier weapon). Keep in mind that these upgrades do not increase the overall durability. As a result, before equipping a mod, players must guarantee they have spent at least 50 points. Otherwise, the repair will be ineffective.

Reinforcement, a grip mod, also reduces durability loss by a set degree. Each of the ten levels in this mod reduces durability loss by 10%. At level ten, it’s intended to prevent 100 per cent durability degradation, but this isn’t the case. Durability will continue to diminish, albeit slowly, even if the mod is maxed out.

Players can also look for the Korek Charm blueprint to make a weapon that has a +500 bonus. Unfortunately, this blueprint is cleverly hidden, and players will not be able to obtain it until the game’s mid-late stages.

While the mechanism is complex, players in Dying Light 2 can repair their weapons. However, given this mechanism’s vulnerability, we wouldn’t be surprised if Techland patched it in the future.

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