Can I use a USB killer to destroy a computer?

It is not recommended to use a USB killer to destroy a computer, as it can cause damage to the computer’s internal components and potentially harm the user.

Yeah, however it could not completely wipe off your info. The motherboard is destroyed by the USB killer, which transmits a lot of charge through a USB port.

A USB killer is a device that delivers a high voltage surge to a USB port, which can cause damage to the device it is connected to. While it may seem like a convenient way to destroy a computer, using a USB killer can be dangerous and potentially cause harm to the user or others nearby. Additionally, it can be illegal to intentionally damage someone else’s property without their permission.

If you want to dispose of an old computer, it is best to follow the steps mentioned in the previous answer and use methods that are safe and environmentally friendly. By using proper methods to dispose of your old computer, you can protect your personal data and prevent e-waste from polluting the environment.

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