Biology PPSC PAPER TODAY Solved (27-12-2020)

  1. Which of the following viruses has caused thousands of deaths globally as an ‘emergent’ virus? SARS
  2. Which of the following toxic metal is extensively present in the newspaper? Pb
  3. Among the following, which one is a diploblastic organism? Hydra
  4. New alleles can be introduced into a population’s gene pool by? Both A and C
  5. The number of Alveoli in human lungs is estimated to be around. 500 Million
  6. NADP+ is a / an: All of these
  7. Smooth muscles, cardiac muscles, and glands are regulated by Autonomic Nervous System
  8. Kranz anatomy is a characteristic feature of C4 plants
  9. At the level above……., sound turns into harmful noise pollution. 120 dB
  10. Choose the correct article: Wait for me by…. School gate at 4 o’clock. the
  11. …….. gland is pea-sized. Pituitary glands
  12. Terrestrial biodiversity is generally found to be greater near the… Equator
  13. Identify the pollutant responsible for the curling of leaves? SO2
  14. The total age of A and B is 12 years more than the total age of B and C. How many years is C younger than A? 12
  15. Savannahs are: Grassland with scattered trees
  16. Polymorphism is a characteristic of phylum: Cnidaria
  17. A species that can inhabit different geographical areas is known as Allopatric
  18. A chief atmospheric layer present near the surface of the earth is Troposphere
  19. How many base pairs are there in every helical turn of the Watson Crick double Helix model? 10.4
  20. The basic democracy system came in Pakistan in 1959
  21. The average of four consecutive odd numbers is 24. Find the largest number 27
  22. Out of the following which is not a stop codon GUG
  23. Term pleiotropy is explained when B
  24. Bird vertebrae are Hetero
  25. Where are histamines secreting cells found Areolar tissues
  26. During meiosis when does synopsis occur Prophase 1
  27. Glottis opens on the floor of the Phyrangeal cavity
  28. …… is produced by seaweeds Caragenen
  29. In which country does the desert city Timbuktu lie Mali
  30. Which of the following is a rich source of B vitamins?
  31. World environment day is 5th June
  32. The activity of succinate dehydrogenase is inhibited by Malonate
  33. Splitting of atoms is also called Fission
  34. Female sex organs of bryophytes are called Archegonium
  35. Which of the following is the example of gram-negative bacteria? E.Coli
  36. Rubisco content of chloroplast is?
  37. Find a mismatch Primer-oligonucleotide
  38. …… leads to the formation of the canal system in sponges Inner wall folding
  39. BIOS is stored in None of these
  40. Interferon is made by  All of these
  41. Name the cell line of the human embryonic lung MRC-5
  42. Who met the Khatam-un-Nabiyeen Hazrat Muhammad peace be upon him at the first Heaven during Miraj Hazrat Adam
  43. NADPH2 is produced by Photosystem 1
  44. The enlarged ripened ovary is called Fruit
  45. Of the following which one is not a search engine Linux
  46. Deposition of C-DNA into the inert structure is known as DNA Microarray
  47. Name the camel which the holy Prophet peace be upon him was riding on the migration of Medina qaswa
  48. Smog is composed of A and B
  49. The least porous soil among the following is Clayey soil
  50. Staphylococcus aureus was isolated by Rosenbach
  51. …… is an enzyme that forms covalent bonds between restriction fragments DNA Ligase
  52. Mendel was an Austrian Monk
  53. What is the unit of the genetic map? Centimorgan
  54. Trisomy of …… leads to Patau’s syndrome. 13th chromosome
  55. Human immunodeficiency virus affects Helper T lymphocytes (CD4)
  56. ….. is the sensitive layer of the eye.Retina
  57. Dengue virus belongs to Flaviviridae
  58. Identify the feeding mode of the extinct conodonts Filter feeding
  59. How many pairs of cranial nerves are usually associated with the fish brain? 10
  60. The activity of 1 gene is suppressed by the activity of a non-allelic gene it is known as epistasis
  61. The site for the active synthesis of ribosomal RNA is the nucleolus
  62. Primary carboxylation in C3 plants is carried out by the enzyme RuBP carboxylase oxygenase
  63. ….. secrets glucagon hormone Pancrease
  64. Cross of F1 offspring with any of the parents is known as Back cross
  65. The larva of lobster is known as Zoe or nauplius
  66. Phonetic classification of organisms is based on Observable characters of existing organisms
  67. The headquarter of the Shanghai cooperation organization is in Beijing
  68. Sister chromatids move towards opposite poles in which phase of mitosis  Anaphase
  69. Water movement from cell to cell through plasmodesmata is Symplastic
  70. Every statement must have a subject and a predicate
  71. In gram staining, Iodine is used as a Mordant
  72. Which of the following is the narrowest Strait of the world? Strait of Dardanelles
  73. Certain genetic defects such as alkaptonuria albinism are described by Recessive inheritance
  74. Which form of DNA is described by the Watson Crick model Z-DNA
  75. The non-protein part of an enzyme is known as the Prosthetic group
  76. Western blotting is the technique used in the determination of Protein All of these
  77. Identify the input sequence format in BLAST FASTA
  78. The flag of which country is also known as the Union Jack UK
  79. Male breast cancer is strongly linked with mutations in BRCA2
  80. When white light is passed through a prism it splits into …… colors 7
  81. Which group does not contain Polyp? Scyphozoa
  82. Identify which is not a thermostable polymerase DNA Polymerase 3
  83. Apart from hearing what other major body functions is performed by the ear? body balancing
  84. An abrupt change from anaerobic to aerobic process gave rise to the Pasteur effect
  85. Tropical rainforests are found in the areas where the average annual rainfall is 200 cm
  86. The phylogenetic relationship can be presented by Dendrogram
  87. During the Krebs cycle, direct ATP production per glucose molecule is 2
  88. The world tallest man-made waterfalls in Jurong
  89. The basic taxonomic unit is called Species
  90. How much globulin is present in human serum 2.6-3.5 g/dL
  91. Pakistan largest export partner in China
  92. In the evolution of modern man (Homo sapiens) from his ancestors, identified the most significant trend Increasing cranial capacity
  93. When individual somatic cells contain 3 sex chromosomes XXX this is called Super female
  94. Totipotency has shown by Meristems
  95. Silk thread is obtained from silk moth during the Pupal stage
  96. Who received the Nobel Prize for literature in 2016? Bob Dylan
  97. The number of cotyledons in Zea mays, Cycas, and Pinus individually are 1,2, many
  98. Which one of the following is the first reaction in photorespiration? oxygenation
  99.  Ahmed Faraz
  100.  ‘Har jaiz or najaiz’


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