Best transcription services in 2021: transcribe audio and video into text:

Audio and video transcriptions with translation options

The best transcription services allow the widespread use of speech to text, which has applications ranging from business to school.

Although applications are available to do this, they may not cope well with high volumes or with more specialized fields of operation, such as the legal and medical industries.

Transcription services, in effect, substitute dictation services and, at its most simple, have a third-party interface that often employs artificial intelligence for speech recognition. However, several licensed transcription systems provide a manual verification procedure to ensure precision and a high transcription success rate.

The ultimate goal is to provide a hands-free service that can handle one-on-one dictation as well as natural communications, such as those from company events, in order to deliver searchable documents that can both increase productivity and improve customer experience.

There are a lot of transcription services available online, but while you might be tempted to compare prices, you should also consider error rates. It’s pointless to spend a premium for a transcription service that is so fraught with mistakes that you have to pay much more to have it entirely rewritten.

Finally, selecting a transcription service boils down to expense, if the transcribing is done by a person or a robot, and the other automated services. Since we’ve covered the fundamentals, here are our top picks for a transcription provider.

We’ve also highlighted the latest text-to-speech tools and translation software.

1. Scribie

Scribie provides manual as well as electronic transcription facilities. The manual transcription service guarantees 99 percent accuracy and a processing period of 36 hours, as well as speaker recording.

These rates are for clean files of American speakers, with an extra fee for speakers with an accent, a distorted backdrop, or a file with low audio quality. The user simply uploads their code, selects a schedule, pays the invoice, and the text in a Word file is returned within the time frame specified. They say 99 percent accuracy with integrated proofreading and complete secrecy.

There is also a free digital service for transcribing jobs that are less responsive and do not require such a high degree of precision. Simply upload the audio file, and you will get a 30 minute turnaround period with an accuracy of 80-95 percent for clean audio of American speakers.

2. Rev

Rev offers audio and video transcription features such as captions, subtitles, and translations for all formats of audio and video media.

Simple transcriptions can be done in a few hours and have an accuracy rating of more than 99 percent. Captions and translations for videos are now available as a service and are compliant with the FCC, ADA, and Section 508.

Rev also has an international subtitles option for film, which is a function that most other providers do not have directly.

What distinguishes Rev is that it achieves one of the greatest compromises between transcription speed and error rate. It’s relatively fast, rather than blindingly fast, in terms of speed, but where it truly shines is in its low error rate.

3. Temi

Temi provides a low-cost digital speech transcription facility. ESPN, The Wall Street Journal, and PBS are among their 10,000+ clients, according to the company.

They can transcribe voice to text in 5 minutes using their “advanced speech recognition app” and imported audio or video file. The claimed accuracy is 90-95 percent with plain speakers, limited voices, and minimal background noise, resulting in nearly perfect recordings. Text files can be downloaded as MS Word documents or as PDFs.

There are no minimums, subscriptions, or extra annual payments, making this an excellent option for users with less frequent transcription needs.

4. TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe continues the pattern of attempting to balance transcription speed with a low error rate and efficient pricing.

Although it is not as fast as Rev at transcribing and has a marginally higher error rate, it is considerably less expensive.

So, if cost is an important factor in your budget, TranscribeMe could be one of the best choices without losing efficiency.

5. Transcription Panda

Transcription Panda is somewhat similar to TranscribeMe in that its price begins at the same rate for a rough draught, it has a similar error rate, and it has a marginally quicker transcription speed in our research.

However, processing time ranges depending on the price charged, with a lower rate having a 5-day turnaround and a higher premium for a final draught copy that is available within 24 hours.

So, like a lot of other transcription services, it’s worth deciding which is more significant, price or turnaround time, and Transcription Panda is a choice worth considering if you’re willing to wait up to five days.

6. GoTranscript

GoTranscript is a British firm that provides affordable prices while striving for the accuracy that business customers need.

One of the many benefits of using GoTranscript is that it can handle more complicated projects, not least technological, science, or other STEM academic projects where word consistency can suffer if the service isn’t already set up to handle it.

Furthermore, GoTranscript’s processing time is at the upper end of the service continuum, with the fastest service delivering a return within 6-12 hours, which is quicker than many other firms.

The one caveat is that unless you are based in the United Kingdom, the better turnaround can be muted by the time differential, implying that tasks will come in after-hours anyway.

7. GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription provides a variety of transcription facilities. In addition to the standard operation, which requires automation and human analysis, they also include video transcription and Spanish transcriptions. text-to-text transcription is another interesting service for translating paper records to electronic ones.

Pricing, on the other hand, appears to be on the upper end of the service continuum, while turnaround can be on the lower end. So, expect the procedure to take weeks rather than days for simple transcription at the discount company pace, while a quicker same-day service is available.

Also, keep in mind that prices will rise in proportion to the quality of the audio sample as well as the number of speakers involved.

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