Being Sunnies Events Trends Report: 2023 Predictions?

In order to understand how individuals connected in 2022 and how they intend to do so in 2023, Being Sunnies Events evaluated millions of experiences from its wide variety of unique events. Additionally, 2,000 Americans were surveyed for their opinions.

The Hottest Events in 2023

Americans who were asked what they wanted more of in 2023 listed these top five activities as what they were most looking forward to:

  • concerts in unaffiliated and neighborhood music venues: 85%
  • Festivals of music: 81%
  • 79% live performing arts, such as opera, ballet, and plays
  • Art displays: 70%
  • Running, yoga, and other forms of outdoor exercise: 68%

Americans Factor Live Events into 2023 Budgets Despite Inflation

While consumers anticipate that prices and inflation will continue to rise, new data from Eventbrite shows that they are already planning for live events in their 2023 budgets.

79% of respondents to an Eventbrite survey believe that inflation is forcing them to restrict their budgets, and over two-thirds (65%) predict that it will continue to rise in 2023. However, seventy percent (70%) of the Americans polled said they expected to spend the same amount or more on events in 2023.

Events continue to be a top priority when budgeting, partly motivated by the desire to come together after spending so much time away. In fact, nearly 30% of survey participants (or respondents) feel spending money on live events and experiences is necessary or a top priority.

Live Events Combat Social Isolation in 2023

In 2023, more events are anticipated to be attended, according to 52% of survey respondents in the U.S.

who is most eager to congregate? Younger generations—over 60% of Gen Y (Millennial) and Gen Zers think they’ll attend more events in 2023, demonstrating once more how much the most socially isolated generations long for human contact.

Additionally, 63% of Americans concur that going to a live event makes them feel less alone or isolated.

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