Ascorbic acid concentration:

Mukherjee and Choudhuri (1983) method will be followed for the determination of Ascorbic acid in plants. 0.5g of plant leaf was weighed by using a digital balance and added with 10ml of 6% trichloroacetic acid. The grinding was done on an ice bath. Care was taken while handling TCA as it caused skin burns. After … Read more

Total Anthocyanin:

Total anthocyanin will be determined by the method of Hodges and Nozzolillo (1996). 0.5 g of leaf material will be ground in pestle and mortar using 5ml of phosphate buffer (K2HPO4+KH2PO4, pH 7.8). Ice will be used to keep the pestle mortar cool. Centrifugation will be done at 10,000 rpm for 10 minutes while maintaining … Read more

Chlorophyll & Carotenoids Contents Protocol:

Arnon (1949) METHOD is considered while measuring the chlorophyll contents of plants along with chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b ratio and total chlorophyll contents. 0.5g of the leaf will be ground in 10ml of 80% methanol.  The extract will be centrifuged at 10,000rpm for 10 minutes. The supernatant will be stored in small bottles in … Read more

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