Al Ghazi Tractor Prices 2023 All Models New Holland Pakistan

Al-Ghazi Tractor Prices 2023 All Models New Holland Pakistan

Company Al-Ghazi

In Pakistan, AGTL AL Ghazi Tractors Ltd. has a long history of success. All variants of the Al-Ghazi tractor are priced, described, and reviewed in Pakistan. Under the aegis of New Holland technology, AGTL produces tractors. Their tractor’s engine power is said to be far more effective. Pakistan is the nation that produces the least expensive tractors in the entire globe. Foreign buyers favor Pakistan as a source for their tractor purchases. We have included the most recent Al Ghazi tractor prices below. Millat Tractors Ltd. is a serious rival of AGTL.

New Holland Al Ghazi Tractor Price List 2023:
AGTL Model HP New Price 1st January 2023

  • NH-480s 55 PKR1,528,000
  • NH-480 Power Plus 55 PKR1,592,060
  • NH-Ghazi 65 PKR1,756,000
  • NH-640 75 PKR2,286,000
  • NH Dabung 85 PKR2,352,000
  • NH-70-56 4WD 85 PKR3,073,000

Discontinued Model / Variant HP Last Price

  • NH-480 Power Steering Sindh Version (Discontinued in Dec-2021) 55 PKR994,350
  • NH-Ghazi Disc Brake (Discontinued) 65 PKR1,092,000
  • NH-640 Disc Brake (Discontinued) 75 PKR1,452,150
  • NH-640s (Discontinued) 85 PKR1,472,100
  • NH-640s Disc Brake (Discontinued) 85 PKR1,475,250
  • NH-55-56 (Discontinued) 55 PKRN/A
  • NH-60-56 (Discontinued) 65 PKRN/A
  • TD-95 (Discontinued) 98 PKR2,695,000

There are a total of 12 versions, each with unique features and client demands. The prices for each model’s ex-factory invoice are shown below. Check Also: Tractor Prices for All Reservation & Delivery Process: Every district and tehsil in the nation is served by a dealership network for Al-Ghazi Tractors. Customers can reserve their tractors by depositing the entire purchase price in any Pakistani bank in the name of Al-Ghazi Tractor Ltd. Following this, customers will receive a sales order number and must wait for delivery. Although the delivery window may fluctuate from day to day, the business will guarantee a precise delivery date. Keep in mind that the firm will only reserve your tractor after it has received complete payment in the form of an online cash deposit or demand draught. You can make a direct purchase from a private showroom if you don’t want to reserve a tractor from the dealership and cannot wait for delivery. The tractor’s price will then depend on the market pricing, which may be lower or higher than the invoice rate. Al-Ghazi Tractor Guarantee/Claim Period: The firm offers a 14-month warranty on tractor parts or 1200 hours of operation. First and second services must start on schedule, and their coupons must be turned in to the business within the allotted window of time.

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