50 Christmas Fundraiser Ideas?

Here are 50 Christmas fundraiser ideas to consider:

  1. Host a holiday bake sale
  2. Organize a Christmas tree lighting ceremony
  3. Sell holiday-themed crafts or gifts
  4. Host a holiday movie night
  5. Organize a Christmas carol sing-along
  6. Sell holiday wreaths
  7. Host a holiday gift wrapping station
  8. Organize a gingerbread house building contest
  9. Sell hot cocoa or other holiday treats
  10. Host a holiday photo booth
  11. Organize a holiday-themed game night
  12. Sell holiday-themed face masks
  13. Host a holiday-themed trivia night
  14. Organize a holiday-themed talent show
  15. Sell holiday-themed t-shirts
  16. Host a holiday book exchange
  17. Organize a holiday-themed fitness class
  18. Sell holiday-themed candles
  19. Host a holiday-themed art show
  20. Organize a holiday-themed cooking class
  21. Sell holiday-themed gift baskets
  22. Host a holiday-themed open mic night
  23. Organize a holiday-themed scavenger hunt
  24. Sell holiday-themed mugs or other merchandise
  25. Host a holiday-themed trivia night
  26. Organize a holiday-themed charity run or walk
  27. Sell holiday-themed ornaments
  28. Host a holiday-themed karaoke night
  29. Organize a holiday-themed craft fair
  30. Sell holiday-themed gift cards
  31. Host a holiday-themed comedy night
  32. Organize a holiday-themed bake-off
  33. Sell holiday-themed gift wrap or packaging materials
  34. Host a holiday-themed silent disco
  35. Organize a holiday-themed trivia tournament
  36. Sell holiday-themed pet accessories
  37. Host a holiday-themed murder mystery party
  38. Organize a holiday-themed talent search
  39. Sell holiday-themed holiday cards
  40. Host a holiday-themed trivia game show
  41. Organize a holiday-themed escape room
  42. Sell holiday-themed phone cases
  43. Host a holiday-themed speed dating event
  44. Organize a holiday-themed costume party
  45. Sell holiday-themed kitchen towels or oven mitts
  46. Host a holiday-themed game tournament
  47. Organize a holiday-themed yoga or meditation class
  48. Sell holiday-themed stationary or note cards
  49. Host a holiday-themed trivia pub crawl
  50. Organize a holiday-themed book club

By offering a variety of holiday-themed events and products, you can appeal to a wide range of people and raise funds for your cause.

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