5 Blogging fundamentals To Learn Before Blog Start:

Blogging has been a source of money online for a long time. I found five basics of blogging that you need to learn before you start a blog to make money from your blog.

Let’s start! Let’s start!

The Five Blogging Basics

First, people begin to blog without proper perspective and generally end up feeling resentment about not going anywhere. I have had this personal experience, so I’ve written this article to save you from unwanted difficulties and know this in advance.

Here’s a quick look at what this article will give you.

  • Blog history
  • Blogging applications
  • Methods of Blog Monetization
  • Valuable Content Importance
  • Blogging Two Models

As you can imagine from the list, I will take you through the five basics of blogging to strengthen your blog view. I’m sure you can make a smart decision on your blogging career by the end of this article.

The article includes useful and unusual advice for both beginners and disappointed bloggers in their first attempt. Continue reading to find out how the majority of bloggers are going wrong.

  • The Blog History
    Only geeks could create websites when the internet began. Some people began writing stories based on their own routines and events (just like the diary). Weblogs swiftly took their name from these online journals.

Later on, weblogs became popular as blogs. However, due to the technicalities involved, only a few people could write blogs. Gradually, companies saw the chance and began to promote their products/services via blogs.

Web searches have attracted heavy traffic to previous blogs without much effort due to the less population of the Internet (less content and websites).

  • How and why are blogs common?

User-friendly content management systems (CMS) have been created with the development of technology and software. These platforms (like you and myself) helped ordinary people start their blogs without coding know-how.

Blogs became widespread and were no longer purely personal or company-oriented. It was all about Bloggers who began writing. Business domain and hosting also prospered due to the huge popularity of blogs.

You can see how popular blogs are today, by writing 4.5 million blog postings and adding thousands more every minute.

  • How to use blogs?

It’s a mighty internet instrument for blogging. Your blog is a precious online building. Blogs offer wonderful opportunities to respect you, to influence you, and to make money.

  • Allow me to list some of the bloggers’ stuff.
  • A blog is a creative outlet.
  • It empowers you to influence others through the solution to their problems.
  • You should use blogs to teach others (as I have done, for example, by writing this article).
  • A blog is an awe-inspiring two-way tool that can be used to build excellent relations.
  • You can make money from blogs.

In the end, I said money, and if you do not fix, teach or maintain good relationships with others, you can’t make money from a blog.

  • What is the monetization of blogs?

For a blog to gain money, the trust and the distribution channel need a real company. No one makes a non-confidence store. Confidence in the blog comes with excellent content and more people.

The channel of distribution is the blog and the mailing list and the newsletter itself. You must build both confidence and distribution channels with initiative and hard work.

Here’s a short overview of how to make money from a blog step by step. (To comprehend the intent, this is just an overview.)

  • Create a blog to help your viewers solve an issue. The more concrete, the better.
  • Attract your attention by writing valuable content to resolve that issue and selling the content. You are relying on the (a) writing valuable content.
  • Monetize the blog with:-

View of ads (Advertisement)

Sell goods for your listeners of others (Affiliate Marketing)

Selling your e-book, online course, physical product, and service, etc (Own Product)

It sounds simple to read, but beware it’s not an easy process to earn money from your blog. You must struggle to achieve this.

  • Why the matter of content?

Let me straight that. You are going to fail in blogging without delivering content. It’s not enough to build a blog.

Unless these two facets of content are taken into account, you cannot create a blog that is effective and profitable.


The first is…


Produce precious content

Most experts say it’s the King’s content. Valuable content is the key to measuring the success of a blog and will remain.

Produce valuable content to make your blog successful. Your readers must share the content they want to eat and share.

The second thing is…

Consistently produce

If in one year you write two wonderful articles and do nothing, your blog won’t succeed. It won’t get a drag because Google doesn’t like blogs that don’t contain or are inconsistent.

You cannot create power in your field without being consistent, and it is difficult to also be confident. So while writing valued content is the core of blogging, it’s more critical to write it regularly.


Otherwise, no traffic or money is available to you on blogs.

Which Blogging Model is appropriate for you?

Don’t launch a blog until you learn the blogging models. Probably because they’re not mentioned much, you won’t know about them.

Model Blogging Magazine

You’re familiar with several bloggers working on this model. Some of the most renowned global and local blogs based on magazine models of bloggers are Mashable, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, ProPaksistani, TechJuice, and BeingGuru.

The model of the magazine takes a lot of time and content. In order to succeed, you must publish a large number of articles before others break the news of your industry and cover a variety of subjects in your broad topic.


Take the following points:

Monetarily, hundreds and millions of tourists are required to consistently receive money from the publicity model (the most common method of earning through magazine model blogs). Another way to write sponsored messages is (I see them on ProPakistani all the time).
The model of a magazine does not suit people from an executive perspective. A whole team of editors, content managers and collaborators keep the blog active is present in the popular magazine blogs. Not only does a person live up to the demands of the blogger magazine model.

Blogging Expert Model

As the name indicates, you need to be an expert on the subject your blog covers (or ultimately become).

It means the Expert Model Blog when talking about a niche, concentrated, authority, or expert blog. It’s called Hassaan Khan to discover your place.


The expert blogging model has several key features:

High-quality content is the basis of this specialist blog model. There is not much content (quantity) required for the expert model; quality is a priority.
It is suitable for persons with other roles (e.g. work or study), so a large amount of content does not need to be posted.
It’s easy to operate for just 1-3 hours a day.

You can thrive by posting only 3-4 articles per month once you’re regarded as an authority on your niche.

Further (and better) monetization options are available in the expert blogging model. Affiliate marketing can be a nice beginning, but producing and selling your digital product is the final way to earn real money.

The best bloggers have created blogs based on the expert blog model. All Neil Patel blogs are professional model blogs (e.g. Quicksprout).

This is a video that explains these blogging models. I love Yaro and it’s why I have my basics right.

The start of a blog involves a clear view of what starting a blog is all about. Online information is so much available, so the beginners are getting increasingly confused as to what to do and where to start.

In order to dispel some of the common misunderstandings, I wrote this article. This is a short synopsis of the subjects discussed in this article.


How blogs got famous and started.

For which websites can you use?

How is a blogger gaining money exactly?

How important is the content?

What are the two models for blogging and which models are for people?

I hope that the article you liked to read. Above all, I hope that it has changed positively for you. This is my mission; it is a positive change.

You will be better prepared than most people interested in launching your blog before starting a blog, following these basic rules.


The higher you send the higher.


This is a wisdom rule as well. Share your social media profiles with this article to spread the experience. Share it with the comments below if you have any questions or feedback about this article.

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