4 Facts Social Media Managers Should Know in 2022

From stories and live shopping, from Instagram to Tik Tok: Social Media Management 2022 is (once again) under new conditions. All social media managers should consider these four facts for their social media strategy 2022.

220,000 social media posts analyzed

How is social media evolving? Which networks are particularly important for companies in 2022? And: In what form should the content be presented – as a photo, video or story?

This is exactly the question agorapulse has dealt with in a study that is exclusively available to BASIC thinking. To this end, the social media management experts analyzed a total of 220,000 social media posts by companies between June and September 2021.

The results of the study – i.e. the most important findings for a successful social media strategy 2022 – will be put together for you in a compact form.

1. Instagram is the engagement king

First, let’s take a look at engagement. It becomes clear that with the number of interactions, there is still no way around Instagram. Instagram has three times as many interactions as second-placed Facebook.

There are hardly any interactions on both Twitter and LinkedIn. They are stagnating at an extremely low level that is far below Facebook.

What’s exciting is that Facebook is the only network in which interactions have steadily increased during the period under review.

2. Few posts on the weekend, a lot of commitment

And posting times are also essential for social media managers. The first thing that is noticeable is that all networks fall off synchronously towards the weekend.

While there are almost no posts on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram are surprisingly equal. Most posts are posted on Facebook over the weekend.

In terms of interactions, a contrasting picture emerges. Engagement on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter will increase noticeably from Friday. On Sunday, these three platforms will also reach their maximum level of engagement.

Only the already low interaction level on LinkedIn continues to fall over the weekend.

3. Between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., the competition is highest

In the third step of the analysis for the strategy around social media management 2022, the experts from Agorapulse took a look at the publication dates of the posts.

It is clear that most posts are posted between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. – i.e. during classic office hours. There are differences between the individual networks. Facebook reaches peak at 12 p.m., Instagram at 6 p.m., LinkedIn at 10 a.m., and Twitter at 4 p.m.

Important for the social media strategy: Just because there are a lot of interactions at a certain point in time does not necessarily mean that it is advisable to publish your own posts at these times.

Instead, it is essential for social media managers to find out the best times for their own company through continuous testing.

4. Photos remain the most important content format on Instagram

Finally, let’s take a look at the content formats. Again, the analysis could not be clearer. Despite reels, stories, and live videos, 75 percent of all Instagram posts are still photos. In addition, there are another 15.7 percent of carousel posts, which also consist largely of images.

Or to put it the other way around: Only 8.8 percent of the analyzed Instagram posts are videos. In addition, the videos also achieve the fewest interactions. They line up behind the photos. Most of the engagement is received by carousel posts.


As with all social media analyses, the following also applies in this case: it is impossible to completely analyze the mass of posts on social media. Every industry and every company is different.

Accordingly, it is also essential for social media management in 2022 and the resulting social media strategy 2022 not only to focus on analyses. Instead, there is no way around independent tests and experiments.

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