31 July 2022 gotranscript audio test passed

Speaker 1:
This audio is used for the audio test for transcribers who want to work at GoTranscript.

Speaker 2:
What are the best things about working intrude? Well, let me think a minute. Well, let me answer your question with another question. Why do you care? I mean, you, you know that ultimately, the reason anyone works anywhere is for money. Let’s face it, if everyone had enough food, a clean, safe place to live a cool car that ran 100% on solar power, nobody would have to work.

Then your question, it’d be legit because I could honestly tell you why I as a certified layabout and chose of my own free will to work here. I know that’s not the kind of answer you’re looking for. Is it? Okay, let me try again. The best thing about working at in a intrude. Well, there was a code I learned in my early days there, which was, I take care of your freedom, you take care of your responsibility. This is so true.

Another code I learned early on was don’t hit send on an email without triple-checking to make sure it’s not going out to everyone in the company. And not just Michael Samir and Milton in the next cubicle. You definitely want to don’t want to go into Lumberg are the two Bob’s neither of those codes has changed one whit since that first job way back in 99.

Things are definitely better here at intrude than they were in tech. Here you’re autonomous to do anything you want nine times out of 10 as long as you do it responsibly and keep your stock price hovering around 1500 bucks a share. Remember that your customers and stakeholders are kings, queens and true decision-makers. But your dreams are always your own. Even if your hypnotist keels over during a session.

The point I would like to highlight is that in this zigzag career path I followed from Initech to in vitro, with a stopover in Hollinger’s gave me a 360 horizon, which helped me to develop into a better person as well. It helped me to enhance and develop my skills. That’s the subversive beauty of intrude, which no other company offers. Or at least that’s what Nina and HR told me when they interviewed me. Frankly, I can’t help but wonder what would happen if something happened here while everybody was home sleeping?

The Sleep of the just Milton waters keeps saying that he wants to burn down the building. And yesterday, I saw him heading to the basement with a big box of matches. It might be my fault because I told him to turn down the radio, even though he insisted he was allowed to listen at a reasonable volume between nine and 10 AM. Hopefully, he just had a bad case of Mondays.

Speaker 1:
This audio is used for the audio test for transcribers who want to work at GoTranscript.

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