30 Brilliant Test Answers From Smartass Kids

You undoubtedly still remember the agony of taking an exam at school. All shivering and trembling you sat there and either scrawled the answers as rapidly as you could or just gazed blankly at the letters-turned-hieroglyphs comprehending nothing. If it were such a situation, you would probably leave the page entirely blank or, being the nice child that you were, attempted to come up with a reasonable answer for a question with subjects you couldn’t grasp at all. The clever youngsters on the list below fit in neither of the categories. These clever kids came up with the funniest exam answers harnessing the wonders of puns and their ingenuity. Reasons for deciding to answer the questions this manner are unclear, but we have a strong hunch, that the challenging questions brought out some A-class smartasses.

The hard question, though, is if a youngster replies to a problem on a test in an erroneous but brilliant manner, should they be awarded or penalized for it? Below, you can discover 30 brainy and hilarious exam answers that will make you question what’s better – the accurate or the appropriate solution.

Naturally, the best-case situation would be that one’s pupils would grasp all of the information they’re being tested on and answer the questions properly. But what about the notion that a rigid educational atmosphere might hinder creativity and intellectual development? For better or for worse, these test-takers either opted to produce a clever and humorous test response or, when they failed to come up with the proper reply for a bizarre question they did not understand, came up with a creative one. Should all pupils be penalized for thinking outside of the box and coming up with inventive solutions to problems?

Now don’t get us wrong – not all of these replies raise this good question. Some are just funny fails. Take a peek at our selection of humorous kid exam responses below!

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