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SAD is a fancy word for the blues, which is perhaps too casual a way of referring to the very real disease that is depression. Not to be confused with the Great Depression of the 20s true depression is very disturbing and has been around for as long as human history.

In one case study, a patient presented a marked stupor for five months. She was for the most part very inactive, totally moot, staring vacantly, often not even blinking so that for the time to conjunct of our dry she did not swallow but held her saliva. She never reacted to pinpricks or fainting motions before her eyes. Often there was marked catalepsy and the retention of very awkward positions.

As a rule, she was quite stiff, offering passive resistance to any interference. She had to fit fat at first. Later, she was spoon-fed and then would swallow. In spite of the fact that during the interval between her feeding, she would let Sliwa collect in her mouth. For a time she had a tendency to hold one leg out of bed, and when it was put back would stick the other out.

Sometimes she walked over her own cord to the toilet chair, but on one occasion, wet and floor for she got there. As for her physical condition during this stupor, it followed the same track as many of our other patients. Several times during her stay, she had risen from the temperature of 100, to have up to 102 or 103 ferret degrees Fahrenheit, with a high pulse and respiration, later, her respiration was 40.

With but a slight rise in temperature. Though the pulse had a tendency to go 200 dirty and over, she was out to show marked skin hyperemia wherever touched with the fever, there was found a leukocytosis toesis of from 11 900 to 15,000, with a marked increase of colour nuclear leukocytes of almost 89%. According to the records of one hospital, nine out of 10 patients admitted had similar issues out of over 1300 studies. The initial endowment of 1500 bucks per patient seems inadequate for the treatment of this insidious disease. But of course, charity requires us to take whatever they’re able to pay. Whether or not there is an improvement.

Speaker 1:
This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript.


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