23 December 2022 gotranscript audio test passed

Speaker 1:
This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript.

Speaker 2:
Well, hello, everybody, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. If you celebrate Thanksgiving, this is your new audio test. And I’m hoping that it’ll be something that will help catapult you into the ranks of the top GoTranscript transcribers and maybe even an editor someday if you’re really good.

But, you know, you just have to be sure to read the guidelines. And remember, this is clean, verbatim, not full verbatim. And there’s a big difference in which I mean, there’s a big difference because you have to do things like eliminating false starts and filler words.

And you also have to be aware of the numbers and the stuff with the numbers. Like if somebody says that they got five or 10 things at the store today, you need to know, are you supposed to spell out both five and 10? Or are you supposed to spell out five? And use the number for 10? Are you supposed to do something else?

The answer is in the guidelines, but you have to check them to find out. So make sure that you do it, right. Okay. And just remember that all your transcriptions are going to be checked by the editors, and you’re going to get rated. So if your rating goes too low, you’re going to get kicked out.

But hopefully, that won’t be an issue for you, because you’re going to study the guidelines, right? And you, you’re gonna say, if somebody says Ghana, or kinda or sorta, you’re going to fix it, right, and you’re going to study the guidelines, right?

So if you don’t, you’re not going to get approved as a transcriber. Because another thing to know is, even if you use all the words, right, your formatting could be what gets you kicked out because you’re supposed to make your paragraphs a certain length.

And you’re supposed to use quotation marks and punctuation marks in certain ways, and not in other ways. And just keep in mind that the easier the test audio is, the more little traps like that there are in this test for you to have to figure out.

Like if I say that, we’re getting ready to watch A Christmas Story on TV for the 200th time. You need to know how to format the title of that particular movie, do you put it in quotation marks? Or do you bold it? Or do you italicize it?

Well, I’m not going to tell you. But you have to look it up in the guidelines and find out. And what if somebody makes a noise in the background? Like? Yeah, like what if somebody chimes in when he’s not supposed to be talking while I’m doing this test?

Well, if it’s something that I reacted to, you have to transcribe it right. So that means you need to check the guidelines on the Speaker Labels and see what happens when there’s more than one speaker. And you can’t just put guy unless that’s his name, you have to put something else. So there’s all that information is in the guidelines.

So just be sure to look them up. And let’s see, what else do I need to tell you? Oh, oh, yeah. Well, if we’re talking about money, let’s say that you’ve suddenly looked at your bank account, and you notice that suddenly, there’s been a bank error in your favor, and you’ve got one and a half million bucks in there.

Well, how are you supposed to format that in your transcript? You’re supposed to put the words or are you supposed to put the numbers or are you supposed to put a combination of them? And, you know, all that sort of stuff is stuff that we check for.

So in conclusion, make sure that you read the guidelines. Okay. And meanwhile, have a great weekend. And we’ll see you at the next transcriber test.

Speaker 1:
This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript.

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