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So I just recently joined a gym and I thought I would tell you some of the machines that I’ve been using, I decided to join because while the pandemic is not over, more people are getting vaccinated in my country. So they’re opening up a lot of these places, again, unfortunately, the gym that I used to belong to close down, so I joined another big box chain, and I a very happy I did.

I’m focusing a lot now on strength training, which is also known as weightlifting. Some of the types of exercises I’ve been doing regularly are the shoulder press, bicep curls, and lat pulldowns. I’m also using what’s called the Smith machines. That’s a specially designed rack with the barbells built right in.

The nice thing about those is, you can look you can use you can load weight plates onto it and perform any barbell exercise without risk of injury since the bar sits on guided rails. Now, you might be asking yourself, why would people spend a lot of money to join a gym when they could just buy their equipment?

Well, just to give you an idea, the Smith Machine alone would cost anywhere from 1000 to $5,000. If you wanted to buy one for your home gym, and that’s just one machine. What if you wanted to use not only the Smith Machine but also really high quality? Treadmill?

Well, I have a little experience with treadmills. A few months ago, I saw an ad on Craigslist, where someone in my neighbourhood was selling a treadmill for only 100 bucks. What a bargain, I thought and immediately snatched it up. Well, have you ever heard the expression, you get what you pay for me to but I bought it anyway, my husband and I dragged it home and set it up. And we each got in exactly one halfway decent workout before it completely broke down.

The cost of a treadmill which would not only work well but also have some kind of maintenance available was way more than we can afford. So now that crappy little machine is basically a giant $100 clothes hanger. Now I just use the really well-built ones at the gym. And if the one I’m using breaks down, no problem, I just move over to the next one. And it doesn’t cost me any extra.

I like that bottom line if you’ve been stuck at home, and now you have the opportunity to get back into your workout routine. Again, I highly recommend finding a halfway decent gym you can get to on a regular basis. There’s so much variety available in terms of machines, classes, et cetera, that uh, that it’s definitely worth the cost IMHO.

Speaker 1:
This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript.

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