26 october 2021 gotranscript audio test passed

Speaker 1:
This homophonic audio is part of the transcriber test for GoTranscript.

Speaker 2:
The village council was asked to give counsel to several people about their involvement in a new business, which was applying for the license was to be a craft store selling multiple groups and you’re one of the owners had been experimenting with twisting multiple strands of yarn together. One of the council members objected that this made the resulting fabric much too thick.

This particular counsellor had worked with two strands of yarn together and found the resulting by the filer in element quite thick enough for most, especially those with arthritic joints. At this point, said for more conflict, the council decided to dispense with its Council of the counsellors and asked the state officials to send for the Consul General to make the final decisions. One of them said aloud that this shouldn’t be allowed, as it would have a poor effect on morale.

Another stated that the effect of the first counsellor was too droopy and sad and wasn’t having that great effect on the morals of those have assembled since he himself was contemplating murder or at least some form of violence. Here in this chamber though, a lot of people were having difficulty with the audio. One of them piped up to the state, she couldn’t hear a thing they were saying or not.

No one was sure whether the weather was also having an effect on the sound quality, as there was definitely a storm brewing outside to match the brouhaha within. Finally, it was decided that a vote would be taken to determine whether the council should call in the console to give counsel. The final tally was 100%, four and 3% against a travelling mathematician who objected that this was obviously a miscount.

Since there could only be 100% of anything. At least 1/3 of the people agreed with him. But since nine of the 10 councillors disagreed, there was nothing they could do about it. The final statement of the council was as follows. We disagree with the one counsellor who said I request the state console to give counsel to the Council on this matter of the by filer yarn and recommend that the entire matter be tabled until such time as we can more properly effect change.

The people assembled knew that there would be no new discussion of the two stranded yarn at this time, but still grumbled that the council should have given better counsel to those requesting the presence of the console. One gentleman the head of the village school spoke for many when he said as a principal myself, I can’t see allowing this principle to stand.

Speaker 1:
This homophonic audio is part of the transcriber test for GoTranscript.

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