How to Play M.A.S.H

Do you recall gathering with your pals in elementary school and playing fortune-telling games like Ouija and messing about with cootie catchers? Here’s another old-school fortune game to reminisce about, or to teach to your kids (if they don’t already know) and impress them with your teen awesomeness!


Basic M.A.S.H

  1. M.A.S.H. is divided into four categories:
    People you’ll marry: select two people you adore, one person you think is acceptable, and one person you would NEVER marry.
  2. A number of children you plan to have: You’ll want to write the numbers “1, 2, 3, 4” at the bottom of your paper.
  3. You will have the following vehicle: This should be written on the left side of your document. Choose four cars for yourself or four cars for the other person.
  4. M.A.S.H. M.A.S.H. should be written at the very top of your sheet. M.A.S.H. stands for your house: ‘M’ means you’ll live in a mansion, ‘A’ means you’ll live in an apartment, ‘S’ means you’ll live in a shack, and ‘H’ means you’ll live in a house.

Choose a number. You must select a number so that you can travel around the paper and cross out different alternatives (this will be explained in the next step).
You can choose your number in a variety of methods, such as closing your eyes and dotting the paper until someone tells you to stop, then counting how many dots you have, or closing your eyes and drawing a spiral and counting how many times you went around. Because there are eight dots on the paper in the example, the number eight will be utilised for this game.

Begin by going around your paper. Begin walking around your paper with the ‘M’ in “M.A.S.H.” Because the number chosen in the example was eight, you will want to go eight steps to the right. Starting with ‘M,’ the alphabet will be as follows:

  • M – Step 1:
  • A; Step 2:
  • S; Step 3:
  • H; Step 4:
  • Step 5: Harry
  • Niall – 6th Step
  • Step 7: Zayn
  • Step 8: Liam

Mark the item you land on. Because the number eight was picked for the number of steps in the example, “Liam” will be crossed off because it was on the eighth step. Something else may be crossed off depending on the number you choose.
If your number was 3, for example, the ‘S’ in “M.A.S.H.” would be crossed out. If you choose 11 as your number, the number 2 at the bottom would be crossed out. If you chose the number 6, the name you entered in the “Niall” slot would be removed.

Continue walking around the paper, skipping over crossed-out places. Now that “Liam” has been crossed out in the example, continue moving around the paper with the same number. Following “Liam” is the number 4 at the bottom:

4 – Step 1

3 – Step 2

2 – Step 3

1 – Step 4

Step 5: Garbage Truck;

Step 6: Honda Civic;

Step 7: Mercedes-Benz;

Step 8:

So, now that the second eighth step in the example has been completed, it will be marked off.
Continue travelling around the page as described, except in this case, the next eighth step is “Liam,” which has already been crossed off! You cross out the next item, which in this case is the number “4”, because “Liam” has already been crossed out.

In each category, circle your final choices. Your list in each category will get smaller and smaller as you walk around the paper, marking things off. If you look at the sample, you’ll note that the car category is the first to have only one option! The last automobile is circled (to denote that this is the car that you will drive in the future). Then continue numbering around the paper, skipping over the portion of the automobile.

Complete the game! Continue travelling around and around until you have completed the game. You can analyse the findings once you’ve finished! In the example, the letters ‘M,’ ‘Harry,’ ‘5’, and ‘Garbage Truck’ was circled. If you used the scenario, you would be living in a mansion, married to Harry, have five children, and your automobile would be a garbage truck.
Allow a friend to do it for you, and you will do it for a friend. When you’re finished, show them their future!


Advanced M.A.S.H

Make a # symbol. Depending on your generation, that’s a pound symbol or a hashtag. It should take up the majority of your paper because you will be writing in it for the game. It’s essentially a gigantic tic-tac-toe board.

Begin creating your categories. Except for the middle, you will use the entire hashtag. That means you’ll need 8 different categories. They can be listed in any order, but the common notions are (beginning with the most important):
M.A.S.H. (mansion, apartment, shack, house)
Who they’ll marry and what they’ll do
They use public transit.
The number of children they will have
Where they will reside
What are their earnings are
They’ll have a pet(s).

Select your options. This can vary depending on how many buddies you have or how you choose to play the game. Each category should have four possibilities. To make it more interesting, allow the individual whose fortune you’re telling to choose only one from each group.
Be inventive. If you’re looking for three modes of transportation for a friend, consider “goat,” “three-wheeled skateboard,” or “sneakers.” But know that when it’s their turn, they’ll probably get you back!
Don’t irritate your pal. Choose someone else if they genuinely don’t want you to write Billy Bob on the to-be-married list.

Begin counting. In the centre of your tic-tac-toe/hashtag/pound sign, start drawing dots, tallies, or a spiral. When your friend yells, “Stop!” count the number of marks you’ve made or the number of times you’ve gone around. This is your phone number. Keep it in mind.
If your friend is being a jerk and doesn’t say “stop” for an extended period of time, and you end up with 52 dots, divide the amount in half. If the number gets too high, you’ll lose track!

Go around your paper until you reach that number. Begin at the top left, with 1, 2, 3, and 4 as the initial categories. If your number is 7, you should stop at the third option in the second category.
Mark each option that you choose. Continue from where you left off, passing over any options that have already been ticked off. Your selections will start to dwindle as you travel around and around. When you tick three items off a list and circle the fourth, you’ve determined the future!
Make sure to keep an accurate count! Otherwise, you’ll have 101 children instead of 3. There are a lot of people to feed.

Stop when you’ve circled one of each category. Then declare to the world, “Hannah is going to marry George, live in China, be a diaper model, make $1 per day, have 17.2 children, have a pet giraffe, ride an aeroplane, and live in a mansion!” Just wait for your pals’ laughs/glares!
Then hand over the paper. Who will be the next victim?!

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