Why did my SD card stop working and can it be fixed?

The phone’s inability to identify the memory card could be caused by a number of circumstances. Here are a few examples:

  • Bad sectors on your SD card are possible.
  • Because of external damage, the phone’s SD card is creating read/write problems.
  • After formatting, your phone no longer recognises the SD card.
  • The SD card format system has switched to RAW.
  • All of the issues outlined above could result in the phone failing to recognise the SD card. All of these issues, however, are resolvable.

The following are the methods for resolving SD Card not detected on phone:

  • Solution 1: Unmount and remount the SD card.
  • Solution 2: Insert the SD card into another phone or computer.
  • Solution 3. Update the memory or SD card driver.
  • Solution 4: Run the CHKDSK command.

Three-pointers to help you identify.

  • Insert the SD card into another mobile device that has been shown to read SD cards. Check to see if the memory card can be detected.
  • Install and install SD Insight on your Android phone to verify the authenticity of the SD card.
  • Using a card reader, see if your computer can read the SD card. Thank you.

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