Does check engine light turn off automatically after repair?

To put it bluntly, sure, but not right away. After a number of drive cycles or a period of continuous operation, the light will be turned off and the codes will be cleared if the fault that stored the codes and illuminated the light is fixed. Details will vary based on the type of data that first prompted the CEL.

The mechanic can also manually clear the code and turn off the LED. If the problem is still there, the light will turn back on – but not immediately.

That’s a good question. NO, for the most part. Of course, a scan tool or even a code reader can be used to clear the computer. That brings everything back to normal.

In engine management, however, each component is given a separate priority. Many components have a diagnostic process built-in that looks at the part and turns off the light when it works correctly a set number of times. There are also components that the computer examines as soon as you turn on your key, and if one of these is present, the light will most likely switch off immediately.

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