How much can I make on as a transcriptionist?

It is dependent on a few factors. One, how quickly you type and submit an accurate file; two, the quality of the file you’re transcribing; and three, how much the file pays per audio minute (which is different from an actual minute). As a transcriber, you can earn between $.30 and $1.10 each audio minute, and as a captioner, you can earn between $.54 and $1.10 per audio minute, according to Rev. (again, these are audio minutes). The price of an audio minute is determined by the length of the file, therefore the amount you are paid varies greatly. You get $1.10 if you finish a 15-minute file that costs $1.10 in an hour.

You can pick up more files to fill your eight-hour day if you routinely finish a file on time. BUT…if your file is really bad quality, or you don’t type fast (they ask for at least 50wpm, which isn’t really a fast typing speed if you want to make any money at this), and that 15-minute file takes you 2 1/2 hours to finish, the payment is still $1.10, but you took twice as long to finish, limiting the number of files you can finish in an eight-hour day. These are just a few samples to help you grasp the concept of an audio minute.

Higher-priced files can cost a lot more, but they are either of poor sound quality, have a lot of speakers, are tedious to listen to, or are all three. Those files can cost anything from $20 to $80, depending on how quickly they need the file completed and how old it is. However, it may take you a full day to complete. So, if you choose a $20 file and work on it all day, you will be paid $20 for the day.

I must emphasise that you will not make much money unless you have a fast typing speed, decent headphones, and the financial means to invest in software that can help you improve (slightly) the file quality. Although the average compensation at the end of the week will help you supplement your income, it is not a full-time job. On a good week, when my typing speed is between 65 and 70 wpm and I get lucky with good files or files that I can improve in terms of quality with my sound programme, I can earn anywhere from $80 to nearly $200 (I average around $120). This, too, is dependent on your ability to transcribe long, low-quality files.

To summarise, this is a good work if you need some additional cash, but it is not a good job to rely on as your primary source of income.

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