Has anyone tried a transcription job in GoTranscript? How was it?

I experimented with GoTranscript. I passed their exam and got admitted.

The rates were, to put it bluntly, insulting. I didn’t apply for any jobs.

They continued to bombard me with emails. I requested that they cease, remove me from their system, terminate my account, and so on.

They didn’t do it. As a result, GoTranscript is destined for the spam folder.

I wish GoTranscript would stop bombarding Quora with these questions because the rates they pay are abysmally low.

I have a hard time believing that GoTranscript is trustworthy. They’re in the same league as Amazon Turks and Scribie.

Essentially, it’s sweatshop work.

Yes, labour mills can make money — but only a small amount for the work required.

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