$500 Every 7 Days by Working Just 3 Hours a Day on FIVERR.

Fiverr Unlocked: Discover The Untold Fiverr Secret Gig That Helps an Unemployed Graduate Rake in $500 Every 7 Days by Working Just 3 Hours a Day on FIVERR.

MAKE MONEY ONLINE WITH FIVERR Discover The Untold Fiverr Secret Gig That Helps an Unemployed Graduate Rake in $500 Every 7 Days by Working Just 3 Hours a Day on FIVERR.


It’s very easy to get confused when you do a search with the keyword “ how to make money online”, if you are not careful enough, you might end up spending your hard-earned cash on some automatic push-button products that promise to fetch you $10,000 every month without lifting a finger. It’s appalling that most people pitching the make money products have never really made money from their programs; they make money only when you purchase the gibberish they put together in form of a product.



To save you the stress of wasting your time looking for another “make money online” opportunity, I decided to write this report to show you exactly how I make up to $500 every week on Fiverr working just 3 hours daily. Fiverr is a great way for anyone to make money online, it’s very easy but you have to work a little to make it work. There’s no start-up cost involved in this business and you can get started right away. You only need an internet connection, a computer and a mentor to show you the right gigs to create.


Table of Contents



Chapter 1: How to Create a Profitable Fiverr Account

Chapter 2: How to Create The Secret Money Making Gig

Chapter 3: How to Promote Your Fiverr Gig to Get More Sales

Chapter 4: How to Deliver Your Gig to Get a Positive Feedback

Chapter 5: 7 Extra Gigs That Can Make You Even More Money

Chapter 6: Conclusion



Fiverr is a freelance website that connects buyers and sellers of various services and allows them to conduct business. Article writing, website design, Search Engine Optimization, social bookmarking, video production, and other services are available on the website. Fiverr, which was founded in 2010, has created five-figure income earners over the course of five years and continues to expand on a daily basis.


Basically, when a buyer requires a specific service on Fiverr, he enters the keyword in the search box or sifts through the categories; then he chooses a seller, which is usually based on reviews, and places an order for $5 per gig. The service provider must fulfil this order within a certain time frame. If the buyer is pleased, he will provide positive feedback; if not, he will either leave bad feedback or request a refund.


Fiverr deducts $1 as a service charge from the $5, and after two weeks, the $4 is cleared and accessible for withdrawal via Paypal or a Fiverr revenue card powered by Payoneer. Making money on Fiverr doesn’t involve much of an upfront expenditure, such as paying for a domain name, hosting, or auto-responder on an annual basis. You may get started right away without having to create a website. All you need to know is what kinds of high-demand services sell well on the platform, and that’s exactly what this research will teach you.



Chapter 1:


How to Create a Profitable Fiverr Account


You don’t have to spend anything to get started on Fiverr; there are no subscription fees. The Fiverr people are gracious enough to assist you in launching your internet business without requiring payment upfront. The procedure of registering an account is simple; all you need to do is be diligent when filling out your profile. We’ll talk about it in the upcoming chapter.


For the sake of clarity, I’ll use screenshots to support my points so that you can fully comprehend each process. So, here’s how you get started with your Fiverr account: To see what the website looks like, open your browser and type www.fiverr.com into the address bar. I considered using screenshots to help you comprehend the account creation procedure, but after second thought, I believe videos would be more effective. On my blog, I’ve prepared a blog post with a video that demonstrates how to set up a Fiverr account. So, without further ado, please utilize this link to access the tutorial: http://bit.ly/1s38x6Q. Please disregard the section on changing your IP address because you will not need it.


As we move through this report, I recommend that you practise the steps outlined in each chapter because I want you to start making money right now. I’m confident you’ll be able to understand the video. If you have any queries, please leave a message in the blog link above’s comment box or email me via the contact form.




Chapter 2: How to Create the Secret Money Making Gig


On the Fiverr website, there are hundreds of services to offer, but it’s critical that you focus on those that are in great demand. Let’s imagine you want to establish a business. You don’t just wake up one morning and invest your money in any firm without first conducting thorough market research. More significantly, you should concentrate on selling a high-demand product or service.



In the realm of online marketing, one of the most important aspects that determines a product’s success rate is traffic. Nobody will buy your stuff if no one sees it. Consider what it would be like if a businessperson imported some consignments for sale, but instead of marketing them, he simply stuffed them into a store and locked them up without alerting anyone. What do you think would happen if this happened? Nobody would be aware of it, thus there would be no sale.


The same may be said about the internet marketing industry. Your business will fail if there is no traffic. You can complete your keyword research and produce the best product for sale, but if you can’t get a lot of traffic to your offer, your chances of success are slim.



There are a variety of ways to drive visitors to a website. Backlinking, banner ads on high-traffic websites, creating and uploading articles in ezines, blog commenting, Bing ads, Twitter, Facebook, and a slew of additional tactics are all available. Because of its versatility and excellent targeting choices, Facebook traffic appears to function better than the other strategies outlined.






I don’t mean posting links on your personal Facebook page or blasting multiple groups in the hopes of getting people to visit your website when I say, “Facebook traffic.” What I mean is that you pay Facebook a fee per click so that they can assist you in reaching out to your target market.




You may make your website visible to the exact demographics who would be interested in your products with sponsored Facebook Ads. For example, if you live in New Orleans, USA and want to sell a weight reduction product, you can target people in that area with your ads. You can define the age category of the people you wish to target, as well as their interests and other characteristics.



While running ads on Facebook may appear to be simple, it is a talent that must be learned else your advertising investment will be wasted. You don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on advertisements that don’t result in sales. As a Facebook Ads professional, I could run a $5 daily budget ad and earn up to 500 clicks at $0.01, whereas a novice could only get 50 hits at $0.10.



Most online marketers who aren’t adept at running Facebook advertising either hire consultants to do it for them or try to learn the expertise on their own to save money. There are numerous paid courses available on the internet that educate people how to run a good Facebook ad; most of these courses are expensive, but those who acquire them recognize their worth.


What can you do with this tale and how does it connect to you? Simple! We can sell them a service that shows them how to obtain cheap clicks to their website from Facebook because we’ve noticed that many internet marketers are interested in learning how to use Facebook Ads efficiently. “But I don’t know how to run Ads myself,” you might be thinking, but don’t worry; I’ll show you all you need to know to sell this service even if you’re not an expert. Are you ready to go toe-to-toe? Let’s get this party started. I’ll use screenshots to assist you comprehend what I’m saying.


Please create a Fiverr account if you haven’t already so we can get started straight away. I’m going to utilize a fresh account I made specifically for this. So go to fiverr.com, log in, and select “create a gig,” and you’ll be taken to a new page that looks exactly like the one in figure 1 on the following page:



As you can see from the image above, you must create your gig by providing details such as the title, description, tags, photographs, and video. Don’t be intimidated by all the requests; I’ll show you exactly what information to put in each box.




Before I go any farther, I want to make sure we’re on the same page. Figure 1 is the image you should have on your screen right now. I’m hoping you’re paying attention.



I need you to pay close attention. In this method, I would strive to be as descriptive as possible. The gig title appears in the first blank field in the screenshot above. A strong gig title can entice a potential buyer to at the very least click on your ad to discover what’s inside. It’s critical that you keep this title brief and to the point. So, here’s how we’ll fill in the blanks: Gig Title: I told you we’d be selling Facebook Ads services during the course’s introduction, right? As a result, the title of our gig should represent that service. Fill in the blanks with the following line of text “I Will Show You How to Pay Only 1 Cent Per Click on FACEBOOK Ads”.



Did you pay attention to the title? If you look closely, you’ll notice that the word Facebook is written in all capital letters. The purpose of doing so is to ensure that your gig appears on the first page when a buyer types “Facebook” into the Fiverr search bar. Can you also notice how specific and to-the-point the title is? Let’s get this party started!


Category: When customers need a service on Fiverr, they can do a keyword search or look through the categories to find what they’re looking for. Otherwise, it may be tough to locate your gig if you don’t create it in the relevant category. Your category should be “Online Marketing” with the sub-category “Get Traffic” for the purposes of this gig. To do so, navigate to the drop-down menu next to the category text and select the appropriate option. Take a look at the image below: Figure 2


_,                                                                                                 •       ]




II!!III’ •       llllllll • UPIDI.O •      A:OIMPllhli •      WMI

‘ IOIAIGli    EllrJl            VUO        tl.1113!1        1′!1)11)1!

create anewG19                                     GigLanguagt:Englls










SlioYOJ199jju11li!lll1T9.Silo1r..sselim!            511801111










Gig Gallery: You must add a picture for your gig to the gig gallery. The image you use should reflect the service you’re offering. I build my own bespoke pictures using Microsoft PowerPoint, but you could simply utilize Google images to choose an image that fits your gig. You might download and use a Facebook image for this gig. To be honest, if you know how to utilize Photoshop or any competent application, I recommend that you make your own image. I said that I make mine with paint, right? It’s not difficult to create such pictures because they are text-based and adaptable. See sample below:








































Figure 3




It’s incredibly easy to make. You can do this if you know your way around the tools in Microsoft PowerPoint. Simply make it, take a screenshot of it, tweak it in Paint, and save it as a JPEG.


Image Dimension: Here’s what you need to know before you publish your image on Fiverr:

  1. The image must be at least 682 pixels wide by 459 pixels tall (minimum).
  2. As I previously stated, the image must be in JPEG format.
  3. You can upload up to 3 pictures per
  4. Each image must be under 2MB in size.
  5. You must not use an image for which you do not have permission.
  6. You must not use the same image for many gigs.

Gig Description: This is more like a sales page for you. To a potential buyer, you must describe your service. Apart from the reviews on your gig, this also impacts whether or not the purchaser will click on the “Order Button”.


It makes no difference if you don’t know how to write content; all you need to know is how to persuade your client with words. Consider yourself in the position of the client. Consider the following scenario: you need to conduct a Facebook campaign to drive traffic to your website and you need to do so on a budget. How would you be presented with this information to persuade you to buy a service to help you run your ads? Enough with the stories; I’ve already built a script to assist you in this training.




Figure 4



Below is the script for the gig description:


**** You Will Never Have to Spend More Than 1 Cent on Facebook Ads – Not Anymore! ****

Greetings, friend! Are you fed up with paying too much for each click on Facebook ads?

Have you ever felt like you were overcharged while doing a campaign?

If you’re an online marketer or simply searching for a means to promote your products, there’s no doubt that Facebook can provide you with a large amount of traffic. The question is, do you know how to get this traffic at a low cost?

It doesn’t matter how experienced or knowledgeable you are with

Facebook advertising…

“I will teach in simple STEP by STEP methods how to place an ad in Facebook just for 1 Cent”.

This strategy is straightforward, simple, and easy; you can begin putting ads nearly instantly.

You can attract millions of visitors to your campaign, products, Facebook page, website, or whatever you want to advertise online using the approach I’ll teach you.

Hurry now, Now is the time to place your order!

As an additional perk, we’ll show you how to obtain 3000 Facebook fans in one week, guaranteed!

Hurry while offer lasts!

P.S: Please do not use this exact description; instead, change it somewhat.




Tags: Tags are keywords or phrases that help your prospects find you. If you have Facebook as one of your tags, for example, someone searching for “Facebook” on Fiverr is likely to locate your gig. Do you follow me?

Enter the following tags one by one in the tag section: Facebook, Facebook Ads, Advert, Traffic, Online Sales.

Figure 5





9YOI/RGIG        EXTRAS          ‘i\llO            CHARGES













Duration: This is the duration of time it will take to complete the job. You can set it to “one day” if you like.



Instructions for Buyer: There isn’t much to say about this. Simply say, “Thank you for ordering my gig; you will receive your delivery with instructions on how to use the package within the next 24 hours.” Thanks”.

After you’ve filled out all of the required fields, click “Save and Continue”







































Figure 6




I am a level 2 seller, as you can see from the graphic on the previous page, and I can add a lot of gig extras. Let’s leave that for now and go on to the next page by clicking “skip”.


Figure 7

Upload Video: You can increase sales by uploading a video. Even if I didn’t use a video in my own gig, anyone can make one. You can just make a recording of yourself talking about the service you’re offering on your phone. It doesn’t have to be a long message. If you’re bashful, you can use Camtasia recorder to create a screen recording video.


You’ll be asked if you’re a maker of real items on the next page. This step can be skipped by selecting “NO THANKS”; it is only required if you are selling tangible things that must be delivered via shipping.


Click the green “PUBLISH GIG” button on the next page, and you’re done. Finally, click “FINISH” to publish your gig on the Fiverr Marketplace.


Tip: Don’t restrict yourself to just one gig. You have the option of creating up to 20 gigs on Fiverr. It’s a good idea to repeat this performance at least five times. You can edit each gig individually, changing one or two settings to avoid being tagged. The more gigs you have out there, the more likely you are to be seen.




Chapter 3: How to Promote Your Fiverr Gig to Get More Sales.


I can image how ecstatic you are now that you’ve created your first Fiverr gig (I am referring to newbies here). While it’s commendable that you’ve taken this step, you shouldn’t relax just yet. You need to put in more effort to drive traffic to your Fiverr gig.



Although Fiverr can help you promote your gigs, I always recommend that you promote your work outside of Fiverr in order to earn even more money. If I had folded my arms after developing the Fiverr gig, I would not have been able to make as much money as I do now.


There are various strategies to promote your Fiverr gig, but I’ll only show you a handful of them to avoid overwhelming you with information.

Post Your Fiverr Gig URLs to Related Facebook Groups: This is the only approach that works for me. This source generates more traffic than any other. I used to utilize a service called Hootsuite when I first started on Fiverr; I was utilizing the free trial, which ends after 30 days. You can join groups and instantly blast your gig to these groups using our web software. You can only have 50 groups per account in the free version.



Make money online groups, affiliate marketing groups, Fiverr promotion groups, website traffic groups, and Facebook marketing groups are among the groups I’ve joined. All of this was done manually until I discovered software that allowed me to add up to 200 groups at once. This software makes my job a lot easier.


The software costs $19.95 and you can get it here http://ntweb.org/products/facebookposterandscheduler. I just noticed that the price has gone up to $39.95. It’s still worth it at this price, I assure you. It offers a free trial, but it is restricted to just adding and posting to two Facebook groups at a time. Please note that I am not linked with the software’s creators; it is simply a tool that assists me in completing my tasks.



Pay a Fiverr Seller to Promote Your Gig: On Fiverr, there are sellers who will help you promote your gig for $5. The majority of these people have a popular blog or website, while others have significant Facebook groups or Twitter accounts. On Fiverr, I tried one of these services and was able to make three sales. I don’t have a link to endorse any of the sellers; however, if you need them, simply type “Promote Fiverr Gig” into the Fiverr website’s search box, and you’ll find a slew of sellers willing to help.



However, be cautious before making a purchase; the best thing to do is check over the seller’s gig’s feedback. After the description, scroll down to the bottom of the page to find this. If the service is exceptional, the seller will receive a great deal of positive feedback. So please do your homework before paying for any Fiverr service.




Chapter 4: How to Deliver Your Gig to Get a Positive Feedback


Before making a purchase on Fiverr, most customers look at the feedback on the seller’s gig. The reason is simple: they want to know if the seller provides value, and the only way to find out is to look at the kind of feedback that customers write on the seller’s account.



It would be ideal if you received a lot of favorable reviews, as this will almost certainly result in more sales on Fiverr. How do you get nice reviews, exactly? What I’m about to show you is the answer.

Use the bonus trick: After the buyer gives you great feedback, you might guarantee to provide a complimentary service for your gig. This is something you can do when delivering your gig.

In this chapter, I’ll show you how to properly deliver your gig and persuade the buyer to provide you a great review.

How to Deliver Your Gig After you make a purchase, you will receive an email notifying you of the sale. Click the drop-down menu next to your account name in the Fiverr back office, then select “My Sales” followed by “Manage Sales.” On the next page, click on the gig title, as illustrated in figure 7.



Figure 7




After clicking on Manage Sales, you’ll see the sales you’ve made on the next page, and you can then click on the link as in Figure 8 to deliver the order.


Figure 8






BIJYfR                     GIG                                   OUEON          TOTAL     STATUS

*Omad r        Send You3000Folo rs. Rel…   feb05,15   $5      –

*Omassa e320    CreateanAvresomeTEESPR1…   Mar07,15    $5       

*OscurreQ       TeathYouHov,roPayOn  1…   Mar1l,15   $5       –




Click on “Deliver Your Order” as shown in Figure 9 below:


Figure 9




It’s now time to hand over the package. You will be required to produce four files for this gig, which I will offer to you in the form of a download link.


File 1:  This is the gig text that you give to the buyer when the gig is ready to be

delivered. It’s titled FbGigDeliveryText.

File 2: Titled FBook Ads. This file will demonstrate how to use the product to

the buyer.

File 3: Titled FbCostPerCountry. The cost per click for each country is shown in this file.

File 4: This is the incentive for your buyer to leave you a positive review. It’s titled 3kFanPageLikes.

You can download the 4 files by hitting on the link below:


When you click the deliver your gig link, as shown in Figure 9, a dialogue window will appear, and this is where you’ll input the message from File 1.

Here’s the text: Hello Dear, once again, thank you for your purchase. I’ve attached a copy of the instructional guide on how to get Facebook Ads for as little as one cent, as well as the CPC for each nation. I can tell you that if you follow all of the directions, you will receive low-cost clicks. For me, this has always worked.


I also have a bonus that will show you how to gain 3000 Facebook fans for free, so you won’t have to waste m.oney on fans. I’ll also throw in two bonus videos and an eBook.


Please leave me a favorable 5-star review for my services in order to receive these extras, and I will send them to you right away.


I am confident that this resource will alter the way you conduct business.



If you require any additional assistance, please drop me a message and I would be happy to assist you. You can also take a look at my other gigs.


I wish you the best in your business. Your Name.

You then upload Files 2 and 3 after putting in this text. You don’t need to copy and paste because they’re both pdf files.


File 4 should only be sent when the buyer has given you a five-star rating. I hope you understand what I’m saying.


Please keep in mind the order in which I discussed how to deliver the gig earlier. Because the files are clearly labelled, you should have no trouble delivering the project to your client. I’ve done another screenshot in Figure 10 on the next page to show you exactly how this gig should be given so that we’re all on the same page.


Also note that the word “money” was spelt this way “m.oney”. Make no attempt to alter it. Words like money, payment, and email are frequently flagged by Fiverr. The system detects such words automatically to prevent any transaction outside of Fiverr.


Chapter 5: 7 Extra Gigs That Can Make You Even More Money


Fiverr is a massive marketplace with a plethora of gigs that can earn you extra cash on a regular basis. Before deciding on a gig to design, do some research to see which gigs are in high demand on Fiverr.

I’ve been working on Fiverr for over three years and can confidently say that the following gigs will help you make a lot of money:

  1. Article Writing: Article writing was the source of my first $300 on Fiverr. When I first learnt about Fiverr, I was working a regular job and decided to start producing articles. My job paid well, but the demands became too much for me to bear. The gig had to be stopped. Perhaps if I had known about outsourcing at the time, I could have outsourced the tasks at a lower cost and kept the profits. Article writers are needed because there are millions of websites and blogs on the internet. Take a time to consider this!

Other services include:

  1. Creating Backlink Service
  2. Generating Facebook Fans
  3. Generating Twitter Fans
  4. Social Book-Marking Service
  5. Creating Amazon Kindle Book Covers
  6. Write Flippa Sales Letter




“How can you provide these services?” I’m sure you’re thinking at this point. You don’t have to know how to provide the service yourself; you may outsource it and keep the revenues. What if you could hire someone to execute the jobs for $1 and pocket $3 because Fiverr charges $1 each gig?



For each of the gigs listed above, go to Fiverr.com’s search bar, type in the keywords, and a list of gigs linked to that search term will appear. You may just model these gigs as your own; all you have to do is make them seem drastically different from the original.



To deliver the gig, visit www.seoclerks.com or www.onedollarr.com

You can get jobs done for $1 on these websites. You can register and play around with the sites. It’s extremely simple to comprehend. You can use these sites to find a seller to deliver an order you place on Fiverr. Alternatively, you may spend some time on these sites before deciding on a few projects to produce on Fiverr. Make sure you specify your delivery date to three days if the gig is planned to deliver in two days. You don’t want to be behind schedule, do you? It’s that simple! You must use wisdom to generate money on Fiverr or any other internet-based platform. Do you see how simple it is? You should be ecstatic.




Chapter 6: Conclusion


Nobody will move you if you don’t move, and nobody will shake you if you don’t shake. Make action your watchword. Now that you know how to make money on Fiverr with this method, you should put it into practice right away. Remember, if you can recreate the gig in five different places, you’ll gain more attention.

Also, don’t limit yourself to merely earning $5 on Fiverr. You can add gig extras to generate even more money once you reach Level 1, which is after 10 sales with excellent ratings. You might, for example, set your delivery time to two days and charge $10 for expedited delivery.

 Arbitrage is another way to make more money on Fiverr. Do you know that you can charge a client up to $50 for a 500-word essay and then hire someone on Fiverr for $5?

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