Making Money For Beginners (Online Business, YouTube, Fiverr, Craigslist, Financial Freedom, Successful People)


I’d like to thank you for seeing this three-book set, which includes “Craigslist for Beginners,” “Fiverr for Beginners,” and “YouTube for Beginners.” This is the first step toward increasing your earnings and establishing a profitable business.

Have you ever considered escaping the rat race? Getting out of that dead-end job and creating your own company so you don’t have to take crap from anyone? In this book, I’ll show you how to achieve just that by teaching you how to build a Craigslist, Fiverr, and YouTube business.

That will enable you to accomplish your goal.

Craigslist, Fiverr, and YouTube are extremely strong platforms because they provide you with access to a large number of people to whom you can offer your products or services. Many people are unable to earn because they are unaware of the complexities of using these sites. This collection, on the other hand, will explain how to add various streams of income to your bank account.

Thank you once again for seeing this book collection; I hope you can use the processes and techniques in this book to help you build successful enterprises that will support you and allow you to live life on your own terms.


What is Craigslist, exactly?


Craigslist is a free online classifieds site where ads range from housing to personals, gigs to services, debate forums to “for sale.” Craigslist can also be thought of as an internet version of our local newspaper’s classified section.

This free internet advertisement began in San Francisco in 1995, when Craig Newmark, then 42 years old, made a significant mark in the field of classified advertising. Craigslist had expanded to nine cities by the year 2000.

the United States By 2009, Craigslist has grown to a site with 20 billion monthly page views, putting it in 33rd place on the list of the world’s most popular websites.

Craigslist is completely free to use. However, marketers must pay a fee, which is determined by the location of their business. For instance, a $100 advertisement $75.00 in the San Francisco Bay Area would cost roughly $10.00 in New York City.

This site’s aesthetics are simple, and straightforward, and have stayed virtually untouched since its inception in 1995 was initiated

The fact that this fantastic online classified has a flagging mechanism for its users is remarkable. This technique assists them in quickly identifying illegal and inappropriate advertisements on the web. Fake ads are inescapable and often expected because this is free to all platforms where anyone may submit ads without even having an account. To counteract this, practically any site visitor can flag a page.


Getting Started with Craigslist (Chapter 2)


Craigslist is a useful resource for people who want to purchase or sell things online. We can avoid transaction fees and shipping costs by posting and buying on Craigslist. Aside from that, you may get the opportunity to meet some lovely folks from your own neighbourhood!


Setting up a Craigslist account: Step-by-step instructions:

1. Visit for further information.

2. The following countries/continents would be available to you:

a. US

b. Canada

c. Europe

d.The  Middle East/Asia Pacific

e. Oceania

f. South America

g. Africa

To go to the sign-up screen, select your nation, state, and city (in subsequent windows). Simply click on the “my account” link below the “post to classifieds” box in the upper left-hand corner.

3. On the left-hand bottom corner, click the “Sign up for an account” option.

4. On this screen, enter your email address and click “Create an account.”

5. Craigslist will send an email to the address you provided on the previous screen to finish the account signup process. This email will include a link that will guide you through setting up your account password.

6. Type the same password in both fields on the Password setup screen and click on “Log in and enter your password

During “note Please choose a password that is at least 8 characters long.

7. Following the creation of your password, you will be directed to a screen that displays the site’s terms of service. Once you’ve finished reading it, click the “I Accept” button to continue. This will complete your new Craigslist account.

8. To access your account in the future, go to

a. Steps 1 and 2 should be repeated.

b. Click the “Log In” tab after entering your email address and password.

You are now ready to use your Craigslist account.

9. To place an ad, go to:

a. Select your city from the selection in the upper left-hand corner and click the “Go” tab.

b. Choose your ad kind from the next screen by identifying the ad type. Community, personal, services, sales products, housing, and jobs are the categories from which you will be invited to choose. Simply click “Continue” after making your choices. tab to continue

c. You must follow the directions on the displays in the following sequence (which would be according to the category you selected).

d. This Ad will be put on the portal of the city you mentioned in the beginning once you have provided/filled all of the essential information.


Chapter 3: How to Make Money on Craigslist

When considering selling something on Craigslist, there are several factors to consider. The user-friendliness of this site, as well as the free listing of products for sale, are its key draws. Because almost all of the bargains are local, you may buy and have the things delivered soon.

The Craigslist Selling Process

Few people believe you can merely

You can sell your stuff on this website for cash. This may be true, but to be a great salesman and make more money, you must stand out from the crowd, and your product presentation must be unique as well. Here are a few pointers to help you become a more consistent and profitable Craigslist vendor.

Conduct thorough market research.

Market research is largely required to assess competition and determine product attractiveness. This should not take long, but it will undoubtedly assist you in determining the likelihood of

The price of the product you’re selling. When it comes to selling something, these are the most critical considerations. If your item isn’t very popular, you can keep it for a while until it becomes more popular.

In the context of Craigslist, market research refers to the process of locating the item you want to sell. If there are a lot of listings, your product is popular. People tend to look for common products here. If there are fewer entries (say, only 1-2), the product is unusual. Other important details to consider include:

  • Pricing for additional items
  • Other objects’ descriptions
  • How do these relate to or differ from your item?

In and out, describe your item.

When you are not present to physically describe your item, a good description might act as a salesperson. The following are a few questions that can be readily answered with a decent description:

  • What is your service or product?
  • Are there any issues with it?
  • Are there any missing items?
  • Is it new or used?
  • Pricing
  • Your retail location

Remember that if you provide a thorough and accurate description, you will receive many fewer inquiries. Consider what you’d want to know if you were to buy the same item, and make sure to include all of that information ahead of time. Include the following:

  • Item’s Model
  • Make
  • Brand
  • Age
  • Add-ons
  • Malfunctions
  • Issues
  • Anything else you think the buyers should know about you

Poorly written descriptions do not sell well.

Showcase your photos

Photographs are seen to be an important and effective strategy to increase sales. On Craigslist, you can upload numerous photos for each listing. Regardless of the goods, you should include at least one image in your listing.

Include images taken from several angles if possible. Great photos can genuinely aid in the sale of your product. Remember that good images can result in good sales, but bad photographs will result in bad sales.

Competition Highlights

Nowadays, everyone is price concerned, and Craigslist benefits as a result. All of the transactions on this website revolve on swapping. As a seller, you offer the best price, and the buyer responds with a counter offer.

The important thing is to stay in the game, which requires constant monitoring of your competitors:

  • How much does their goods cost?
  • Do you quote higher than they do?

Why are they less expensive?

The pricing would be a crucial deciding element in selling the products efficiently and swiftly. You can start high and work your way down. You will be able to negotiate as a result of this.

Quickly respond

Everyone wants their items as soon as possible.

without any issues Never make your potential customers wait for clarifications or answers to their questions. This is regarded as quite impolite. Just remember that they are attempting to contact you for something (a transaction) that would benefit both of you, so be courteous and respond promptly.

Meetings should be held in a public location.

This is primarily for your safety. Everyone you encounter on the internet is untrustworthy. Allowing individuals inside your home would therefore be a risk to your safety. Be cautious and safe…

How to make money by reselling freebies found on Craigslist

You may have used Craigslist to sell or purchase items frequently, but you may not have been aware that individuals also use the site to give away freebies.

This website has a section dedicated to this option called “Free,” where people simply give items away for free because it is much easier to get rid of them this way than it is to sell them. It is, nonetheless,

It is not always difficult to sell these products; all you need to do is learn the art of selling and you may make thousands of dollars by selling the items you receive for free.

Where can I find free items?

  • Go to the website and search for your city or the closest one to you (if yours is not listed).
  • When you go to the local directory, go to the “For Sale” area and click the “free” option.

There are ads for practically everything here, for example:

  • A sale’s leftovers
  • Windows
  • Solid wood doors
  • Sliding glass doors
  • Refrigerator
  • Swimming pool
  • The bathroom counter
  • Toilet bowl
  • Firewood
  • Christmas tree (artificial)
  • The trampoline that is fully functional
  • Television

Examine the listing’s description and photos, then acquire all of the products that are in good working order. The goal is to collect as many coins as possible as many wonderful and free stuff as possible and post them for sale on this site. Any money made in this manner would be an obvious profit.

How can these freebies be resold?

There are several options for selling the stuff you picked up for free on Craigslist, including:

  1. Sell to targeted buyers on Craigslist

The first option is a classic case of flipping, in which you take advantage of market inefficiencies. When you flip an item, you buy it at a low price and then sell it for a higher price somewhere else. Free is the most basic type of low-cost, while “another place” is simply a different Ad category than free.

The next option is limited to specific items and is only available to specialized purchasers. Selling tiles to a flooring company, for example, or electronics or bags to a pawn shop, for example.

If you decide to go this route, you should have a list of the top places you’ve sold something ready. This list could include the following:

  • Metal purchasers (copper and aluminium products),
  • Pawn stores (tools, luggage, jewellery and electronics),
  • Used appliance buyers
  • Buyers of used furniture
  • Consignment stores, etc.
  • A bookstore that is willing to buy used and old books.

It’s best to use different techniques for different freebies; just keep all of your choices open. You’ll be a pro at purchasing and selling freebies once you’ve mastered the greatest selling techniques. The best aspect about this company or hobby is that you can start it with absolutely no money expense.


Chapter 4: The Most Profitable Craigslist Items


The finest things to sell and buy on this portal are those that are priced higher and have sufficient supplies.

Why do high-priced things exist?

When compared to low-cost items, higher-priced items offer the opportunity to earn more profit, assuming the total amount of work required is the same. On the other hand, when you’re

When you buy expensive items, your chances of losing money grow. As a result, it is recommended that you gradually progress to higher-priced products, as this will provide you with a learning curve.


What is an inefficient market?

In this type of market, purchasers do not have enough information about any product to make an informed decision about which product to buy and at what price. Or, to put it another way, this is a less-explored market.

In the case of Apple, for example,

In the absence of items and furniture, the furniture market would be inefficient. The price of a new or used Apple device can be found anywhere, whether in a physical store or online.

What is a sufficient supply?

You should have a sufficient number of things available to sell or acquire in order to meet your profit and income targets.

Taking into account all of the aforementioned considerations, the following are the top ten products to buy or sell on Craigslist.


  1. Cellular phones


In the used marketplaces, mobile phones, particularly new smartphones, are being sold at a good price. People constantly upgrade their phones, thus there is a vast supply. The demand is higher since replacing a broken or lost phone appears to be costly. The mobile phone market is inefficient since consumers receive their phones through their carrier, which conceals the true cost from the owner.


  1. Power tools/equipment


Power tools and apparatus are plentiful, with several fire sales occur when dealers shift careers and list all of their assets on Craigslist. You can also benefit from being able to utilize the equipment while you wait for it to be sold. You can buy it for a remodeling project and then sell it for a profit after using it.

  1. Gardening equipment

Generators, pressure washers, chainsaws, weed eaters, chippers/shredders, leaf blowers, and lawnmowers are all examples of power equipment. If you know how to fix small engines, this can be quite rewarding. The majority of people leave gas in their tools and equipment Carburetor blockage can occur during the winter season. As a result, many sell them on Craigslist for nearly nothing or for a very low price.


  1. Computers


Netbooks, desktops, and laptops can be expensive purchases, especially if you can fix them. When computers break down, people usually sell them on Craigslist for a much lower price.


  1. Electronic equipment


High-end electronic devices can be purchased for a reasonable price. In the electronic field, there are numerous sub-categories. People buy things on the spur of the moment.

After barely utilizing it, get rid of it quickly. These objects can be kept in the house while they are being sold off.

  1. Furniture

Furniture, especially high-end furniture, is highly expensive. Solid wood furniture is particularly popular. Beds, various sorts of seats, dining tables, workstations, mirrors, and a good couch are among the items available.

  1. Bikes

Reselling and purchasing bicycles can be a lucrative businesses. A bike’s worth can increase after a few repairs.

  1. Scooters and motorcycles

Buying and selling motorcycles and scooters can yield excellent results. In the winter, you can buy bikes and scooters for a low price and sell them for a greater price in the summer.

  1. electrical apparatus

Because we all use electric devices and appliances, demand and supply are both rather considerable. It’s relatively simple to make a good profit per appliance, particularly in higher-end electronic goods.

  1. Cars, particularly four-wheelers

If you can find a good deal, cars usually have a large profit margin. A car can cost anywhere from $5000 to $10,000 depending on its age, condition, make, and model.

$100,000. If you can get a car for half the price and patch it up, you may make a couple of thousand dollars simply by closing one trade.


How to Find Profitable Items to Sell in Chapter 5


You should concentrate on products with high demand and supply, as well as higher profit margins. Appliances may be the most cost-effective option.



This is the most significant factor because you need something that will last you a year. People’s preferences and interests change over time, and they also need to upgrade, therefore appliances are always in high demand. Even the most basic appliances can be sold here.


On Craigslist, the market for old appliances is growing by the day, as individuals can buy them for a fraction of the price of new ones (1/4th to 1/3rd). This might save them a lot of money.


You must ensure that you generate a big profit when conducting these deals. You should purchase products of the highest quality at the lowest possible cost (a bit rare combination, but once you learn the trick; you would locate this very easily). Purchase these items, clean them thoroughly, make any necessary repairs, and relist them on Craigslist with a new look. Even if a replacement is required, the old item would be worth something at a scrapyard.

Be prompt while delivering to sellers and receiving to buyers.

You should go out of your way to get fantastic discounts as soon as possible, and the same should be true while delivering the product. Deliver the product as soon as possible. This will ensure that you do not miss out on good products or customers.

Cleaning the Items

Always clean the products thoroughly from the inside out and ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the items you are willing to deal in. This will assist you in obtaining some excellent bargains.

Products of Excellent Quality

With time and experience, you will be able to determine which models and brands are of high quality and can provide you with a profit. Always consider what condition you would expect if you were buying the same item from someone else for your personal use while selling something.


Chapter 6: How to Price Your Products to Sell Quickly and Profitably

In order to sell stuff quickly and profitably, you should keep the following in mind:

  1. Set a reasonable price.

Keep in mind that regardless of the condition of the product, whether it is unused, boxed, or new, you will not receive the full price. If you want to sell it quickly, your options are limited.

The chances of even getting close to the total price are slim.

The most important factor in ensuring that your product sells rapidly is its fair pricing. A few things to think about when deciding on a price for your product are:

  • How much would this item cost at a garage sale?
  • Research the demand for the product you want to offer.
  • Check the pricing of the same goods on other listings/portals such as eBay.

After examining all of the above,

You would be able to set an appropriate price with the help of pointers.

2. Give a thorough description.

A quality description, as described in chapter #2, is something that acts as a salesperson when you are unable to physically describe your offering.

All of the details mentioned in this chapter will give your product wings. The more information you provide, the fewer emails you will receive. You would also make it very easy for potential buyers to make a decision.

Also, make sure to include at least two (2)

3 high-quality photos It would be beneficial if you could include more.

3. With cash in hand, sell your stuff to the first buyer.

It’s important to remember that you’re on this site to sell and make money, not to socialize. So you have the option of being a little disloyal to potential customers.

Rather than prioritizing someone who emailed you first, you may scan all of your emails and forward them to someone else.

Who will be the first to pick it? You’d get your money, and the buyer would get his merchandise in no time. This would also ensure that you are not holding the merchandise for an indecisive customer for an extended period of time.


Chapter 7: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Standout Craigslist Ad!


A well-written Craigslist ad will ensure that the item you’re selling sells quickly and for a good price. A well-written ad will make the entire transaction more pleasurable for both you and the customer.


  1. Great headlines that grab the attention of the buyer
  • The title should be succinct and direct.

In the title, include the following pointers:

o Item name (washing machine, automobile, etc.)

o Item’s brand (if possible)

o Check the price to ensure it is accurate. Don’t put a lesser price in the title and a higher price inside. Buyers would lose faith in you.

o Minor but crucial details

For example, if you provide a delivery service, make sure to mention it (it can be a decisive factor).

  • You don’t have a lot of information

Avoid mentioning details that might turn customers off your product, such as old or dented. All of these details should be included in the description rather than the title. This ensures that your buyers will read your ad and consider purchasing your stuff.

  • Create a precise title.

Your product’s title should be truthful and relevant. Buyers may lose faith in you if you post a fictitious title.

2. Fantastic images

Great photos can help you save a lot of time describing, uploading, and reposting your goods. Your photograph should make a favourable impression on the potential buyer. A few things to think about when taking a photograph:

  • The background should be clean and clutter-free.

Here, you’re basically interacting with strangers. A photograph with a cluttered background would give buyers the wrong impression. They could Assume that you do not take proper care of your possessions, and so will not consider your product.

Look at the photo for yourself before posting it to determine if it sets the right tone for your product.

  • Take photos in a well-lit area.

Always capture your photos in a well-lit or natural setting. This eliminates any opportunity for guesswork, and you may even ensure that potential purchasers do not overlook your offering.

Photographs were taken in dim or low light

This can raise a lot of questions about the product’s condition.

  • Avoid photos with high quality and extreme close-ups.

Today’s cameras produce images with extremely high resolution. Pictures taken with such cameras and with extreme close-ups reveal even the tiniest flaws in your product that would have gone unnoticed by the naked eye. As an example, shoot average photos that accurately portray your goods.

3. Descriptions in detail

Make your description precise and concise. Don’t try to sell the product too hard.

  • What information should be included in the description?

Answering the following questions, in addition to the pointers shared in Chapter 2, will ensure that you cover almost everything in your description.

o Is the item in good working order?

Then write it works excellent

o Is there a problem with something? Mention what isn’t working properly in particular. Nothing should be hidden.

o Is it necessary to clean it? Make it clear to your buyers if the thing you’re selling is clean or needs to be cleaned. The majority of individuals like clean and well-maintained items.

o Can I see the merchandise before I buy it? If you have this choice, use it.

You’re welcome to mention it here.

  • What should not be included in the description?

o Your electronic mail address. Unless you want to be on hundreds of spam lists, that is.

o You want to sell the thing as soon as possible. This merely serves as a hint to the buyer that you may be brought down on the price, and they will continue to haggle with you until you agree.

o Your mailing address This will not assist you in any way and may even hurt you in numerous ways So please, don’t do that.

o Information about yourself. As previously stated, no one is here to socialize, but rather to conduct business, so stay on topic.

4. Contact Information

If you don’t include your phone number, your product may stay on the portal for a little longer. Everyone these days is impatient; if they need something or information, they want it NOW. Unless you’re selling something unusual and rare, people might pass on your product if they have to email you for further information.

A word of caution: avoid including phone numbers when selling automobiles and houses, otherwise you may be inundated with calls from dealers or brokers.


How to Close the Deal with the Buyer and Seller (Chapter 8)

Being swift and prompt is the best and only way to seal a deal with a buyer or seller.

As a vendor:

You must act quickly:

– in responding to email inquiries from prospective buyers

– When answering phone calls (in case

They got through to your voicemail)

– When scheduling the delivery of the item if you do not provide delivery service

– If you provide a delivery service, make every effort to deliver the product as soon as possible.

As a shopper:

You should be able to quickly:

– If you like the product, get in touch with the seller.

– Don’t put off or postpone your inquiries because the product or seller may not.

– Once the agreement has been finished, try to purchase the merchandise as soon as possible and set up a meeting with the seller. Because of your delay, the vendor may deliver this to someone else.


Chapter 9: Craigslist Safety Tips for Buying and Selling

Before you begin using Craigslist, keep in mind that there are some bad people in the world. Even though they are uncommon, it is typically advised to take measures if you are unsure how safe you would be in a given setting.

Make sure to follow some of these basic instructions when posting or buying on Craigslist:

Please do not include your address.

You may send your address to the person who will be making the final purchase, but do not include it in the listing itself, as this will draw too many people to your courtyard.

Make contact with someone before meeting a stranger

If you’re shopping or selling on Craigslist by yourself, be sure someone knows where you are. Maintaining touch will keep you safe. Be astute.

Do not invite the guy who is buying your laptop over if you are a beautiful woman who is alone at home. Meet him at Walmart or a nearby park that is open to the public. Place yourself in a private location with someone you don’t know. Remove yourself from a dangerous situation as soon as possible.

Be cautious if you can’t meet in public.

Many people are apprehensive about visiting someone’s home. So, for mutual benefit, you may set up the gathering in a public space However, there are times when you must call someone at your residence. If you’re selling a large item like a couch or a washing machine and the buyer wants to see it in person, please follow these tips to avoid any unpleasant situations:

– At the time of sale, do not close the door. This will ensure that you are heard in the event of a problem.

– Arrange for someone (a friend or relative) to accompany you to the sale.

– If you must be alone, attempt to talk on the phone with someone.

– In case you stay in an apartment, do not divulge your apartment number immediately. Simply give your address and meet the person outside first. If you live in a house, the meeting should be held outside. Remember that your safety and security are more essential than a few hundred dollars in earnings.

Replace your phone number with Google Voice.

For Craigslist, the best approach is to use a Google voice number. An auto-router will be set up to your existing mobile number using the number provided to you number. If you begin to receive unwanted calls, you can choose to block them. It’s the simplest approach to protect your privacy while still giving out your phone number.


Secrets of Highly Successful Craigslist Sellers (Chapter 10)

Many of you may have used Craigslist for a variety of reasons, both common and unusual.

You either had something to sell or something to purchase. There are numerous tricks and tips that can help you achieve your goals.

These are the strategies used by the top Craigslist sellers who make a lot of money on the site. Use these strategies to see a significant improvement in your Craigslist business.

Note: These suggestions are intended to help you improve your sales results. However, you should use caution while meeting new people or disclosing personal information. Return to Chapter 9 for all safety-related advice.

  1. To keep your ad at the top, repost it.

Buyers aren’t interested in scrolling across sites looking for outdated posts. If you wait 30 days (the auto-expiration time on Craigslist) to re-post your ad, it will take twice as long to sell. If you don’t hear back in a few days, say 7-10,

Consider republishing it. Your ad will appear at the top of the specified category as soon as you repost it.


We are all visual beings. Always upload a good photograph if you aim to sell something, no matter what it is.

The majority of ads are rejected due to a lack of images or poor images. Buyers assume there is a problem with your product if you do not provide an image. And if you post an out-of-focus, unsteady photograph, no one will care because you didn’t bother to show it properly.

3. Avoid making your title a question.

Appropriate questions do draw people in, but they are only effective on personal ads, job postings, or services. If you’re selling an actual thing, though, you should avoid asking questions. It could give the idea that the ad was placed by a salesperson or a dealer.

4. Provide specifics.

Be explicit when publishing an ad, go above and beyond, and don’t fall behind. This meaning that the information you present should include all a buyer needs to know about the product’s image. However, you should avoid going into excessive detail (which includes your unnecessary personal information as well).

Remember, first impressions are everything on this website.

5. Conduct thorough research.

Every day, hundreds of new products are added to this portal. Simply conduct an in-depth analysis to ensure that your product outshines all other similar products examination of what is posted there Check their pricing, condition, and posting age, if too long, try discovering the cause for it not being sold. All these factors would help you build a convincing commercial.

6. Correct pricing

This concept has already been covered in depth in Chapter # 6. Please keep all of those suggestions in mind when settling on pricing for your goods.

7. Friendship pairs

Many people post various advertisements for the Items that can be sold as a set, such as a glider and a crib. You might match them and then offer a discount on this pair, which will persuade the consumer that it is a wonderful deal and encourage them to purchase.

This will ensure that both of your products are sold in the same post.

8. Quickly respond

Respond quickly to emails or phone calls as a seller. This makes a positive impression on buyers, and they begin to consider your offering.

Buyers will be put off if you don’t respond quickly.

They won’t wait for you; they’ll move on to the next available item.

9. Trading is another possibility.

Craigslist still uses the barter system. Many people are selling something and, on the other hand, are looking for something. You could also say that this option is available.

The nine tips listed above will help your things move fast from your shelf to the homes of potential purchasers. Finally, but certainly not least…

Remember to delete any postings that have sold.

Keeping a sold-item ad active is inconvenient for both buyers and you. They may continue to contact you about the product even after it has been sold. As a vendor, you must expend energy on something that is no longer useful.

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